Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Christina's Butt

I have loved watching The Voice.  It is SOOOO much better than American Idol which I stopped watching after Simon left.  All the performances on last nights Semi finals were really good.  I am devastated to think that half of that group will be gone tonight.  I feel the worst for poor, adorable Ceelo Green.  He has Jamar and Juliet and they are both great in their own right.  That being said, I am counting the seconds until the show starts tonight!!!!!

I will admit that Christina Aguilera has been interesting to watch this season.  Her huge boobs have been on full display all season.  At first, I'll admit it was irritating and annoying.  Here I am trying to pay attention to the contestants all the while checking Christina's cleavage to see if it's finished eating the gold necklace it had been slowly devouring.  The first 4 episodes of the season were all taken from one  REALLY long day of blind auditions, so this means Christina was wearing the same outfit for all 4 episodes.  I was desperate for her to put a shirt on!

Once the live shows began, the boobs went on a roller coaster ride.  Up one week, and sagging low the next week.  They were all over the place.  Some weeks Christina looked beautiful and the next week it  was right back to the two bit whore store.

Then something entirely unexpected happened.  Christina performed one week and she completely forgot to wear any pants or skirt.  This is VERY common in the modern day music industry.  Tights are the new pants!  It's that old Cabaret, Wonder woman, leotard look.  Not my favorite.  Christina's version of this tights look was different though, because she has a big butt.  Christina is by no means a size zero.  She has much more flesh to display when she's wearing an outfit like this.

It's a lot to take in.  Tons of boobs, tons of ass, platinum blonde hair, red lips.  The look is busy to say the least.  Acceptable for her performance, but then she just sits down in her judges chair, still dressed this way and it suddenly seems weird.  But for some reason it's okay for her and I think I figured out why I sort of like all this about her.

She totally owns it.  She is full of self confidence.  I don't get the feeling that she is self conscience at all.  Christina is a great coach to her team and I think her honesty makes her a great judge.  Her approval has weight, because she's not afraid to give her disapproval.  She's kind of a big deal, and I'm not making a weight joke.  In fact, I love that she isn't pin thin.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to have a fuller figure in her industry.  She is constantly taking flack for it, but I never get the feeling that she cares.  She seems genuinely comfortable in her own skin.  To me this speaks volumes.  She is powerful and beautiful simply because she 100% believes that she is.  I'll say it again, she absolutely OWNS it.

I'm glad I've gotten to see her in this light.  I really do have a lot more respect for her because of it.  She obviously has a great and powerful voice, but I like seeing women this way.   She isn't a pleaser at all.  Just last night, she mentioned that when she does sing, she sings for herself.  She doesn't try to conform or please anyone else.  She does what she feels like doing and she does it for herself.  I always love seeing people act this way.  Confidence can do amazing things for people, women in particular.  A confident woman has all the power she'll ever need, because she's not waiting on the worlds validation.  Dressed like a skank or not, I love that about Christina and I so hope I raise two self confident daughters of my own.

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