Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mothers Day to All!

I love being a mom.  There are lots of difficult days and my patience runs out much quicker than expected, but the reward is worth it.  I grew two awesome people!  It doesn't hurt at all that these girls are my biggest fans either.  I'm really living it up right now, because some days these kids argue over who loves me more and who gets to compliment mom the most.  I realize this stage is VERY temporary, so I'm eating it up!  Happy Mothers Day to me.  I'm very lucky to spend my days with these adorable girls.
While all of that is VERY true, let's face it.  Mothers are doing all sorts of stuff they will never get credit for.  Your kids don't see your efforts and your husband or "baby daddy" will never know how consumed you are with motherhood.  I'd like to dedicate this post to all of you.  I get you!  I feel your pain.  I know there are days when you wish the lock on the bathroom door was a magical button that could transport you someplace quiet and serene.  I know you've answered the phone and hidden in your closet, hoping your children won't find you so you can hear what your friend in saying and talk in peace.  I know all this.  So here is a list of all the things I appreciate about moms.

1. I know you've made a healthy dinner and felt so great about it.  I also know that your kids didn't eat any of it and you were forced to feed them a bowl of sugar cereal five minutes before bed time.  Good for you though!  You tried your best!

2.  I know you organized all your kids toys into color coordinated, labeled bins and it looked AMAZING!  I also know that your kids destroyed all your hard work with an unruly play session.  It looked great for an hour or two.  No one saw it, but I know you did it!  Great work!

3.  You scrubbed the shit out of that carpet after your kid barfed, pooped or peed on it.  You were tired and disgusted, but you didn't let it stain your carpet.  You cleaned it the best you could and it was gross.  You will refuse to step in that phantom spot for a few months.  You don't get enough credit for this stuff, but I know you did it!

4. You found a rogue sippy cup.  You opened it and before you realized what you were doing, you sniffed it.  You just smelled rotten, curdled milk.  It was disgusting and who knows how long it had been lost behind the toy box?  I'm sorry this happened to you.  If you found this cup in your car, I feel even worse.  That sucked, but you did it.  And I also know you said, "Forget this!" and you threw it in the trash.  Good riddance!  Trash it girl.  You would never forget that the Toy Story cup had rotten milk in it.

5.  You had to get that poop out of the tub.  You had to keep your cool and get the kids out first, knowing full well that you were going to have to shower them off yet again.  I don't know your method, but I know you had to find a way to get that poop out of the tub.  You cloroxed that tub into oblivion and you had to wash the kids thoroughly.  You were grossed out, but you did it.  You always find a way.  You are a mom!

So there you have it.  I see all of you.  I recognize your efforts.  Pat yourself on the back.  You are all amazing!  And never forget that your own mother did all this crap for you too!
Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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