Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Emily, You're Growin' On Me

So glad I gave the boring bachelorette another chance.  Not every gal can be a firecracker, or the world would blow up!  She finally got to go out on some dates and show a bit more of who she is.  I LOVED that her first date, with Ryan the guy with the goose egg hair do, involved carrying her groceries into her house and making cookies.  Not a helicopter in sight!  She was dressed down in adorable everyday clothes and she looked so cute.  I prefer this side of her because it's normal and relatable.  I can't recall the last time I wore a beauty pagent gown.......no wait, I can.  It was my wedding.

Emily is officially growing on me.  She's asking the hard hitting questions and eliminating guys based on their answers.  I think she'll find a good guy.  Her choices seem better now that we're starting to see some individual personalities. 

I am proud to say that so far my instincts have been spot on.  Ryan, Jef (with one F from Utah) and Arie the race car driver all got roses and I still predict they will go far.  I like Arie a lot.  I hope he gets a one on one date next week.  It looked like it from the preview.  He seems like a strong contender for the final rose!

After the show, Dave and I had a good laugh about these shows.  I love them, but I think it's hilarious that shows like this make Marriage look like the finish line.  As if getting married is the final prize!
"Look, you did it!  You won!  It's all smooth sailing from here on out.  Now just sit back, relax and have fun tolerating this person for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    In reality, the wedding is the start of the longest, most grueling Iron Man triathlon on the planet.  It's all so easy when it's fresh and new.  The hard part happens when "people stop being nice and start being real"!  (thank you MTV's Real World for wording it so well)  Real life happens and it can put a damper on things really quickly.   Add some long hours at work, some screaming kids, a few overflowing baskets of unfolded laundry and a tight budget to the mixture and hope for the best!

We'll just keep quiet about all that for now and enjoy watching people on television continue their quest for the ultimate prize.....a spouse!  It's comical and somehow it makes for some highly entertaining viewing pleasure.  Go Emily, Go!

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