Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Our 10 year wedding anniversary is in a couple of weeks.  I didn't think Dave and I would really get each other gifts, because we don't really do that.  Maybe we'll go out to dinner or something, but we are NOT the type to be exchanging fancy watches.  We don't roll like that. 

The other night Dave was mowing the lawn and our older neighbor Steve came over on a 4 wheeler.  Steve is retired, but he soups up snowmobiles for a living these days.  He just does it in his garage, but I guess he's sort of a big deal in the local snow machine world.  Dave and Steve are friends.  They've gone on a few man dates and they've worked on the car a bit. 

So Steve comes over on this ATV and insists that Dave stop what he's doing and go for a spin on it.  Dave happily obliges and the next few days are filled with talk of Steve's 4 wheeler.  Dave starts browsing all the local classified ads in search of one he can purchase.  They are pricey!!!  He comes across an ad with a photo that looks familiar.  Our neighbor is selling his.  Dave wants to buy it really bad, but I'm not so sure. 

The price is a little higher than what he wanted to spend, but Steve is the guy you want to buy this sort of stuff from.  Dave doesn't want to go haggle with his buddy Steve, so he suggests that I discuss it with him.  I like my neighbor, but one morning I marched up to his front door and let him have it.  His dog poops EXCLUSIVELY in my yard and I was fed up!  So I rang his doorbell one morning and laid down the law.  I flipped out and he got it.  He is now cleaning up dog shit in my yard daily. 

I thought this put me at a disadvantage in a negotiation, but Dave saw it differently.  I told him, "Steve thinks I'm a super bitch Dave!"  My husband twisted this around and informed me that, "Steve knows you don't F**K around.  He won't mess with you."

Well I'll be damned if he wasn't right.  I told Steve my price, and he delivered my shiny ATV to my driveway 5 minutes later!  I didn't call Dave at work to share the news.  I wanted to surprise him.  He called later in the afternoon and I pretended to be really pissed off and I made it clear that we were NOT buying that "stupid 4 wheeler".

He was overjoyed when he opened the garage and found it when he got home.  We took turns riding it the rest of the evening.  This was by far the best surprise yet.  He could not believe I really got it for him.  I hope he reciprocates the favor one day because I'm going to need my own ATV.   They really are so much fun and I totally felt like a kid again.  Totally worth the money.

Side note:  For any readers who are not on Facebook, I have to share this little Sasha quote.  I had the 4 wheeler parked in our garage.  I picked up Sasha from school and when we got home she was happily surprised to find the new toy in Dave's parking spot.  I asked her if she thought her dad would like it and she said the funniest thing ever.  She said, "He's gonna barf hearts!  Rainbow hearts!  He's gonna love it!"
I can't believe I grew I this kid!  She's awesome.

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