Thursday, May 31, 2012


Don't ever waste your hard earned money on RUSK W8less (Weightless) hair spray!  This is probably the dumbest hair product I have ever tried.   It stinks like that knockoff perfume that vagrants try to sell to you in parking lots and it sucks at holding hair in place.  This is the "STRONG hold" I'm talking about.   The light hold is probably just a can of oxygen.  I have been doing hair far to long to be buying such idiotic products, but I was duped. 

I don't even think that there is hair spray inside the can.  I strongly believe that this aerosol can holds the ashes of a little, old, dead lady.....a Q-tip to be exact. (a Q-tip is a little old lady with a heavily sprayed, helmet of old lady hair.  I mean no disrespect here!  I love skinny little old ladies and their giant, firm, hair do's.  This is merely a descriptive term.)  Some weirdo within the Rusk company thought it would be cute to turn his dead grandma into aerosol.  It's not cute and it ain't right!

Belongs in Trash Can!
This can of spray contains no "sticky", what so ever.  It could be fairy dust or unicorns breath, but I assure you this IS NOT hair spray.  I can't even return it to the store, because I am desperate to keep it off the shelves.  This can belongs in the garbage and that is exactly where I've put mine.  Oh it makes me so angry!

The best of the best!
The worst part of the entire story is that I know who makes the worlds best hairspray and I already had several spare cans of it at my house.  The only hair spray worth using is Kenra 25.  That's it!  That's the stuff.  Don't be fooled by the rest.  There are lots of companies that offer decent hold, but Kenra 25 is the best.  It doesn't stink, it doesn't flake.  It's wonderful and I know it.  So I'll never understand why I bought of can of that Rusk garbage.  I've learned my lesson.  I just hope I got the word out soon enough.

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