Thursday, May 24, 2012


Dave and I have officially been married for 10 freaking years!  That is crazy.  Most of my life's  significant moments have taken place within that ten years.  Starting with the actual marriage and leading up to our oldest daughters last day of!  Lots of peaks, plenty of valleys.  It's always far more complicated than "happily ever after", but it has to be because marriage is a living, breathing, changing thing.  All in all, I'd say things are going well.

It's days like this when you probably have a look through your wedding album and some might even dust off the actual wedding video footage.  Dave and I watched the wedding DVD once and it found a long term hibernation spot in with all the other DVD's.   Then we had two daughters............and they watch it at least once a week.  They love it.  I find it nauseating watching myself get married.  But my girls are little hopeless romantics through and through.  They love the dress, so do I for that matter, I am overjoyed that I got the huge, sparkly princess number.  In a normal life, there will never be another opportunity to wear something so over the top and extravagant, so I'm glad I took the "go big or go home" approach to wedding dress shopping.

My kids are a bit wedding obsessed.  Every time Sasha gets out of the tub she makes a dress out of her towel and asks, "If this wasn't made of towel, would this be a pretty wedding dress for me?"  I always say yes, but one night I told her that she doesn't have to make her own wedding dress.  I told her that when she is old enough to get married, and a worthy man asks her, I'll take her shopping for one.  I told her that Lyla would come, and maybe her grandma too.  She liked this idea, but she's a practical gal, so she said, "Well wouldn't it better if I went to the dress store, you went to the flower store, Lyla went to the cake store and grandma went to the decoration store?  That would be quicker!".  I let her know that if all goes well, we won't be in any sort of hurry when planning her wedding......this went way over her head.

So the girls love all things wedding related,  but I think they like the music on my wedding video best.  What's not to like?  Some Led Zeppelin, some Olivia Newton John music from the roller skating classic Xanadu.  Good stuff all around.  I'm sure they will watch it yet again this afternoon and I'll get the treat of watching my daughters slow dance with each other all over my living room.

Happy Anniversary to me and Dave!  We've come a long way from our chance meeting at the bar!

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  1. Kids! a wonderful reality check that marriage is not all bad:) your girls made me giggle... thanks:-)