Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Emily, The Bachelorette

I love the Bachelor/ Bachelorette.  It's always compelling television, but I'm worried this season is going to be dull.  Emily is a little boring.  I guess some people think she's the most beautiful bachelorette in the history of the show, but I'm not so sure.  She is pretty, but she looks much older than 26, in my humble opinion.  She is very blonde with, what have to be, fake teeth.  Dave doesn't think she's cute or appealing at all.  I should be very flattered, because I have dark hair and real teeth.......  With shows like these, pretty only gets you so far (hello Gia the gorgeous swim suit model who was out done by Vienna!).  I'm looking for a great personality and lots of it. 
I loved Jillian.  She was really cute, and she had a great personality to go with it.  I have no interest in watching some D-bag adore a pretty lady robot.  I want depth (duh, that's why I'm watching such a deep show).
At first glance, Dave and I both agreed that Emily has slim pickins.  The guys are not super great....yet.  Personalities will emerge and hopefully I'll be drawn in.  Dave fell asleep!  On the first night!  This does not bode well for Emily or for my joyous Monday night ritual of watching my show with Dave by my side.
That being said, here are the three fellas of interest for me.  This first dude is named Ryan.  The internet told me his name.  I called him Eff'd up haircut and it's obvious why I call him that.  It looks a tiny bit better in this photo, but on the show last night, it looked like his mom did a hack job on him in her garage, and like he has a massive goose egg on the top of his head.  The dude should have a severe concussion from the size of that goose egg.  He needs an MRI immediately!
This guy is from the south, like Emily and if somebody gives him $5 and a ride to Dollar Cuts, he might be a contender.  We'll see how it goes.  Good lord that hair cut is a mess!

The next guy is from Utah, my home state.  He is not my favorite, but Emily thinks he's "cool" and he might be, but again he has a wacky hair do.  Maybe that's her thing.  I hope it is, because a lot of her potential suitors have dumb hair cuts.  This guy, Jef with one F, rode in on a skate board and Emily thought that was cute.  He seems nice enough so hopefully he'll make it for a few more episodes.
This haircut would not have gotten a passing grade in clipper class at the beauty college.  I just want to blend that left side.  It's painful for me to watch!
Last, but certainly not least, we have Arie, the race car driver.  Emily was engaged to a race car driver who was killed in a plane crash, so I thought she'd struggle with his profession, but she seemed to find the whole thing to be really hot.  Who can blame her?  This guy is sort of a fox and he does look really good in his race car.  I believe it's Indy car racing, if Nascar has a negative connotation for you.  I watched some Nascar with Dave a week ago and I was into it.  The last 30 minutes were intense!
So here is 30 year old Arie.  The shape of his hair cut could use some work, but that texture can be hard to handle.  All in all, I think he's good lookin' and Emily loves a fella in a fast car.  I predict these men will go far.  Now I have to watch to see how it all pans out.

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  1. I agree, Emily was a total bore, her giant teeth glowed and Utah boy with the "wave" hair looks like he's 16! So hoping the drama gets better and Emily can have some personality!! Arie and Ryan were among my top pics (as well as the dad who read the letter from his son, obviously pulling at the single parent heartstrings). But she definitely kept some BAD ones around!