Monday, May 14, 2012

Emergency Room

I had a pretty nice mothers day.  My dad invited his kids and their families to a nice dinner at a steak house.  We all went and had a really nice meal and my mom got to see her family on Mothers Day.  We finished our food and wandered back into the lobby of the restaurant.  I don't know exactly what how it happened, but the next thing I know my sweet Sasha smacks her face so hard into a table top.  I thought she got hurt, but I had NO IDEA what actually happened.  She started screaming and blood starts pouring down her face.  I grabbed a clean towel from the bar and put it over the wound.  My whole family helps us get out of the restaurant and my sister, the nurse, takes a quick look at it and tells me to go to the hospital.  I was so scared!!! 
Did I mention we have 3 more weeks before my husbands new health insurance covers us?  Of course this would happen during the waiting period!
We drive to the urgent care clinic and the nurse takes one look at the giant gash, that was once my daughters eyebrow, and tells us to go to the big hospital and ask them to call a plastic surgeon.  I am now officially freaking out!  I take her back out to the car and she is still scream crying and she begins saying, "Why can't someone just get me a bandage and let me go lay in bed?"  She says this on repeat while sobbing.  My heart was breaking into a million pieces.  There is nothing in the universe WORSE than seeing your child in pain and not being able to stop it.

We get to the emergency room and prepare for the wait.  Most ER's are chaotic, but this was ghetto night at the hospital.  There were lots of cops and bloody, hand cuffed gangster thugs.  NOT the place you want to go on mothers day, and my daughter is still sobbing loudly.  Not to mention everyone is trying to get a better look at what is wrong with her eye. 

Lets not forget that Dave is a major germ-a-phobe which makes any trip to the hospital a million times worse.   His anguish was plastered across his face.

It's finally our turn and we get a room.  The nurse guy come in to look at the wound and his reaction, causes me to feel very hot ,dizzy and sick.  I was going to pass out big time.   It was so deep and hanging open.   I can only imagine how much pain she was in.  Dave and I are SO not cut out for this kind of stuff.  We are both control freaks and sitting by, watching our child in pain is the epitome of feeling helpless.   I have never seen my child bleed like this and I hope I never have to again.  Everything felt so horribly wrong with the universe. 

She was given loritab and they put something on the wound to numb it really good.  As the medicine took effect she was finally able to calm down a little, but she was so scared.  Fear of the unknown is awful and every time she heard a the doctor mention the word stitches, she started crying again.  I would have done ANYTHING to have traded places with her.  Dave calmed her fears as much as he could but all the waiting was difficult.
It was finally her turn and she was a champ.  They had to inject A LOT of numbing stuff into it, because it was so deep.  She stayed calm and hardly moved a muscle.  I am amazed!  Slowly, the gash was being closed .  With every stitch, I was feeling a bit better.  I never want to see the inside of my kids head ever again.  The doctor did a great job and 10 stitches later my little girls eyebrow was put back together.  We were at the hospital for nearly 3 hours and we were all so happy to finally be leaving.  (I should mention that you get a huge discount if you pay your bill before you leave.  I didn't really know this about the ER.  Glad I found out before we left.)

After I got the kids put to bed, I was finally able to cry my eyes out.  In the middle of the night I went into her room and got her up to take her for a potty break.  She doesn't need me to do this anymore, but I needed to hold her tight, hug her and tell her how much I love her.  This is a mothers day I will never forget, because this is what being a mom is all about.  My love for my children is fierce and intense.  My only purpose in life is to protect them and keep them safe from harm.  This was a tiny blip on the hospital radar, but very scary for us.  Ultimately I'm just so thankful that we have two healthy, happy kids.  I'm glad she's doing better, and I hope I never spend another mothers day in the Emergency room!

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