Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Speed Walkers

I don't know if I've been blessed with a fast family or if I trained them to walk fast.  I don't really care how it happened, I'll just rejoice in the fact that it did happen.  I don't walk slow.  I can't walk slow.  I must move quickly.  Experience has taught me that I am in the minority here.  Costco has taught me that people in general, move incredibly slow.  Perhaps this is why a Saturday trip to Costco is so infuriating for me.

I am very short, but my little legs can haul ass.  I married a long legged giant and he only has to take one step for every two that I take.  This works out well.  My daughters have learned to move fast too.   They are used to my pace but they also seem to be training for the palace marathon.  They seriously run laps through my house, until I want to pull my hair out.  We have a nice loop for them to run with plenty of obstacles like couch pillows, laundry baskets and the most treacherous of all....rogue toys.  These kids of mine will be world class hurdlers when all their indoor training is through.

The whole family was put to the test over the weekend.  We went to the airshow!  I've only been on the grounds of the air force base a couple of times and I'm not gonna lie, I was drunk on every occasion.  Our local military loves karaoke and the bar on base is pure comedy for anyone who doesn't take the art of karaoke seriously.  I don't sing publicly, but I love to watch others humiliate themselves so I checked it out a few times.   But to this day I couldn't tell where the bar is located within the base.   It's a labyrinth.

So we get on base and park in the first parking lot we're directed too.  I think we got  a great spot, but I also had no clue where the actual air show extravaganza was taking place.  I was dead wrong about our parking spot.  We were roughly 2 miles away from the show.  We started walking toward the shuttle buses but the lines were outrageous.  We don't really do lines, so we decided to walk.....and walk and walk and walk some more.......with two young girls.  We were moving very fast, but the finish line was no where in sight.  I quickly realized that we probably made a huge mistake when we passed the shuttle bus line.  So we continue our journey.  Dave and I take turns holding the three year old, but our five year old is jogging it out like a champ. 

As the journey continued, I started getting pissed off.  Where the hell  is the airshow?  Why are there no signs anywhere?  Why was I shown to a parking lot SO FAR AWAY?  Oh yeah, because there is shuttle bus service that you walked right past.  Ouch!  This day was starting to suck and it was all my fault.  Then we finally reached the entry gates. 

We got in and made our way to the side of the runway.  Then an enormous, super fast jet passed right in front of my face and it shook my whole body.  It was awesome and so worth the walk.  I'm glad my little brood moves so fast.  The show was so entertaining and we all enjoyed ourselves.  But you better believe we left five minutes early and we were one the first shuttle bus we saw.  Even the shuttle bus ride seemed long.....but it was glorious!

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