Monday, May 7, 2012

Library Book Panic

I opened my daughters school folder the other morning and found a troubling bit of news.  There was a sheet of paper in there with no crayon markings what so ever.  It was a notice from the elementary school librarian.  Apparently my daughter has an overdue book out. 
I've seen the book way too many times over the last few weeks.  She's read it aloud at least twenty times and I suppose I should have wondered why we've had the same book for so long.  I did ask my five year old why she hadn't traded it in for a new one and she told me they haven't been going to the library for the last few weeks.  She told me the librarian hadn't been at school for a week or two.  This sounded legit to me. 
So after I read the overdue notice I told her to find the book before we left for school so that she could return it.  This news sent SEVERE PANIC through my child.  She frantically began searching the house for the book.  I was calm because I know it's here somewhere.  We aren't hoarders or anything.  We will find it over the course of a ten minute search.  Sasha wasn't so sure.  She began ordering her three year old sister to help.  She turned off the TV and started getting loud.  The panic was intense.  She started yelling and getting mad.  I could see the start of the water works in her eyes.  She was flipping out..........over a library book. 
It was the stress of finding it in time that was making her flip out.   I wonder where she gets that from?  Oh yes, I panic when I'm trying to get out of the house on time and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.  There is nothing worse that pulling out of the driveway, way later than planned and hearing a three year old suddenly pipe up with this little gem, "I think I got a poop coming out!"   So yes, I've taught sweet Sasha the art of the angry panic.  It's a common sight in my house and garage.
Lots of tears and a few minutes later, we found the book.  She suddenly ceased being the incredible child Hulk and returned to her normal self.  All was well and we walked to school in peace.  The book was returned, without a fee and Sasha was allowed the tremendous privilege of checking out another book.  After this experience, I can bet that we will never see an overdue book notice again. 
In all honesty though, I blame all this on the librarian.  It was she who entered into an agreement with my five year old.  I mean seriously, if I were the elementary school librarian, I would have seen this coming a mile away.  It doesn't take a psychic to see that a kindergartner might not be inclined to return a favorite book on time.  She can't even tell time.  She only learned the concept of a "week" a couple of months ago.  I can assure you though, this weeks Fancy Nancy book will be returned to the librarian first thing Wednesday morning.  My daughter doesn't take kindly to being put on blast by the librarian.

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