Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are you for real, Lyla???

This last week has not been a great one for us.  The stitches started it off, then the Bachelorette sort of sucked, the kids have been waking at dawn, there is too much going on this week and suddenly Lyla is peeing and pooping in her underwear after months of being potty trained.  There's more, but this is the top of the list.

Lyla's issue is the most annoying.  She has been so good about telling me when she has to go.  She has been waking up dry on a regular basis.  So why is she having all these accident lately?  The Nintendo Wii.......that's why.  My baby has recently become a Wii sports enthusiast.  She is a ping pong champion to put mildly.  She loves it and her coordination is improving greatly because of it.  But she is hooked and becoming an addict really.  We can't go anywhere without her asking if we can go home and play more "pink ponk".

I've had no problem with it, until today.  I finally (hello McFly) realized that her gaming obsession is the cause of her accidents.  She can't stop for a moment to use the bathroom.  She doesn't want to miss one precious moment of Wii time. 

Today just crossed the line for me.  She pooped her pants.......mid game.  How she does all this at once is a mystery, but it happened.  I had to revoke a three year olds video game privileges until she learns time management.  This is ludicrous, but necessary.  I never in all my life guessed I'd say the following phrase to my child, "You are done with ping pong until you stop pooping your pants!"

She cried her eyes out.  I don't take it personally, because she's a little girl and she cries about everything!  The wrong color of cup, pig tails instead of one pony tail, jeans when she wanted a dress.  It's constant tears up in here.  We are running a professional water works factory here, if it's not tears, it's pee.  Oh the joys of raising young ones!

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  1. The things we thought we would never hear ourselves say...