Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quarter to Dawn

Quarter to dawn is the time I got out of bed this morning.  Did I have somewhere important to be at 7:00?  No.  Did my alarm accidentally go off a 6:15 in the A.M.?  No.  Are you training for a marathon?  Hell-to-the-no!
Gee, Stefanie, why on earth would you get up that early?  I'll tell you why.  Because my 5 year old wakes up before dawn and this morning, rather than quietly playing in her room, she decided to walk into Lyla's room and throw a bunch of stuffed animals at her peacefully sleeping sister.  Which woke her up and then started a long sequence of running, squealing, giggling, stomping on the floor and eventually screaming.  Did I mention this all happened at 6:15??????


So I'm awake and I stomp directly upstairs to see what in the hell is going on.  Sasha is sprinting back to her room, because she knows EXACTLY what she's done.  I march her into her room and have a short discussion about the digital clock in her room and what the numbers on it mean.  She is VERY aware that 6:45 in the earliest she should be leaving her room, but for some reason she ignored the clock today.  I hate starting the day this way!

Did I mention that Dave, who could here a pin drop on carpet, pretended that he didn't hear any of this?  He'd rather play like he's in a coma than walk upstairs and deal with the kids.  The first thing he says to me when he eventually wakes from his coma is, "If I went to McWife and placed an order, I'd order something small and spicy.......that yells a lot."

I think I'll have a margarita for breakfast this morning.  Maybe I'll add protein powder, to really make it a meal.

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  1. Stef, you crack me up! I understand completely the children that wake up way to early. When we were in California last week, the boys woke up at 5:30 one morning. I thought I was going to KILL them!