Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I made a second version of this pin with slightly stronger language.  I like the dirtier one best, but humor should be an equal opportunity type of thing.  This works too....

I made the horrific mistake of calling DirecTV one day to check their prices.  They're always advertising these great prices for TV, but then you call and quickly learn the truth.   They will totally hook you up with a terrific television package for $25 a month.  But the receiver you have to rent to get the shows is like $20 a month and the rape fee is like another $20 and before you know it, they want to give you the special opportunity to pay even MORE than you're already paying elsewhere. 

The woman I spoke with was probably part of a work release program from a prison, because this lady was a fast talking, won't take no for an answer, rapist.  I told her "no thank you" at least 20 times and she kept trying to end the call with this phrase, "Okay then ma'am, I'm going to transfer you to the department that will schedule your installation.  I think we can have someone there tomorrow."   She would not hear the word NO if I screamed it in her face.  I finally just hung up and I was slightly panicked that she would find and kill me when she got paroled.  Honestly, I'm still a bit frightened, because she knows where I live!  Bad idea, lesson learned.

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