Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Tiny Prisoners

I have recently become the warden of 3 small fish, Salt, Pepper and Dot. I dare you to guess what they look like. Miraculously, they were named in the Petco parking lot. It was quick! My kids were blessed with many strange allergies and we can't have a cat, so fish will have to do. Sasha was recently named junior sales girl of the month in the Jensen house. She sold me hook, line and sinker (pun intended) on this fish deal. At least ten times everyday, she'd tell me how responsible she is. She said, "Fish will really teach me how to be a great mom one day! They will teach me how to be even more responsible than I already am!". Every time we'd get in the car, she'd ask me if I was taking her on a surprise trip to the pet store.....and she'd be super bummed out when we were just driving to school. So after a couple of weeks of selling and begging, Dave finally gave in and we got some fish. Now I know what everyone is thinking. It's a mixture of "Every kid needs a pet" and "Fish are no trouble at all". But fish ARE trouble. They either die instantly, producing undue, five year old heartache, or they LIVE FOREVER (producing undue bother for mother). My kid is responsible, but she lacks the skills required to clean a grimy fish tank. The first two prisoners we bought were Salt and Pepper, the black and white Mollies. We actually went to Walmart the next day to buy an Algae Eater fish to help clean up the tank. These,"allergy eaters" as Sasha calls them, eat nasty stuff off of the rocks at the bottom of the tank. I suspect they eat poop too. This claim disgusted my daughter and she nearly rejected the "allergy eater" on grounds of grossness. I like the bottom feeder. This little fish is the ideal house prisoner. He cleans up after himself. What more could you ask for?
The kids like to check in on the fish frequently, but I don't know if the fish have really produced any joy. I don't like keeping fish in a box of water, against their will. I know nothing about fish, except that Tilapia tastes really good with pesto on it. I don't know if they like living in my house. When do they sleep? Do they want that little tank light on? Do they like Tropical Flakes or would they prefer some other type of food? I just don't know, and it bugs me. But my kid got her way and I hope she's pleased about it. We were able to get her the Little Mermaid tank and it was half price. So the the tank is really cute AND my daughter thinks I'm a big spender. So at least I found a smokin' hot deal. That makes the whole thing a little easier to deal with. I actually hope they live a while, because Sasha has already informed me that no dead fish of hers will be flushed down the toilet (she hates the thought of a dead fish living in the land of excrement). She has demanded a proper burial for any fish that might pass away in this house. So, yes, I'd like to put that off for awhile.

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