Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bachelor, The Women Tell ALL!!!!

I didn't sleep well last night. I am embarrassed to admit why. I watched The Bachelor: The Women Tell All episode really late last night, and I was too OVER stimulated to fall asleep. So much happened! I kept having really short, weird, Bachelor dreams. It was no good at all.
I was so glad Courtney appeared on the episode. She needed to hear first hand how horrible she was. I will admit that I do feel bad for her now. She went on this episode to apologize to all the other girls for her awful behavior, but we all know she was really there to repair her image. She needed to give this "public apology" thing a try. She is currently, according to the gossip magazines, the most hated Bachelor girl ever. I mean, OUCH! That is an awful title to have. I don't think that image of her will fade anytime soon. It would suck to be her, even though she is sort of pretty to look at.
I was very happy that Emily (the epidemiologist/ clever rapper) sat in the hot seat and cleared a few things up. I was outraged when she had a private conversation with Ben about Courtney's horrible behavior and her "split personality", and Ben warned her to "Tread lightly". He flat out told her to drop the issue and he even went so far as to tell her, "You might not know me as well as you think you do. Tread lightly." If I would have been in Emily's shoes at that moment, I would be the most famous Bachleor contestant EVER! I would have had my picture on the cover of US Weekly with the headlines, "Bachelor Girl Goes Ballistic on Ben". I would surely have smashed a beer bottle into Ben's cranium and given him the big "F-OFF doucher! I'm done with you dude!". She should have at least thrown a little sand in his eyes. He flat out deserved it at that point. So I was pleased to see her on The Women Tell All. She finally addressed that moment on the show and clarified that she wouldn't want to end up with a man that would talk to her that way. AMEN, Hallelujah! In your face Ben.
And on a lighter note....Doesn't Chris Harrison have the worlds easiest job. He travels the world, putting Bachelor drama on blast and doing simple subtraction so he can walk into the rose ceremonies at the last second and announce, "Ben, ladies, this is the final rose." Wow Chris Harrison, I could never have figured out that one. My mind couldn't possibly comprehend that if Ben has handed out 4 of his 5 roses, that now leaves us with 1 final rose. Hey Chris, thanks for paying attention in your kindergarten math class! But I'm not going to hate on you Chris. As far as I'm concerned, you are the holder of my dream job! Keep living the dream Chris!

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