Friday, March 2, 2012

Broken Dryer

You don't know how much you love your clothes dryer until it's broken. I know this first hand because I was just there ten days ago. I have, what I used to consider, a very nice set of Samsung front loaders. My washer has been great and up until this point, I haven't had a complaint about the dryer either. That is until I put some clothes in the dryer for 40 minutes and came back to find freezing cold, wet clothes. The heating element had died completely. Thankfully Dave is pretty mechanical (and cheap as hell). He took the dryer apart, found the problem and ordered the part. He forgot to ask if the part was in stock when he ordered it. It was not in stock so,without knowing it, we were in for a 10 day wait. I still had some cold, wet laundry to deal with so I asked my sister if I could come over and dry my clothes. I went over on a Sunday night and before you knew it, the box wine was flowing freely. I enjoyed my laundry expedition very much! I don't know if her family had as much fun with it as I did (I'm sorry for wrestling you Lucas), but it was a fun night for me.
When you can't dry your own laundry, you start getting very stingy about what's really dirty enough to get a spot in the dirty clothes hamper. Eventually, things did get dirty and the laundry piled up, so I washed some clothes and called my mom for use of her dryer. She happily obliged. I dropped the clothes off and the next day clean, folded laundry was presented to me! No wrinkles! No wonky collars! Just fresh, deliciously clean laundry. My mother is the laundry master! If she were hurting for cash, I would happily pay her to do my laundry. Not only is she a pro at it, but she loves to fold laundry. I don't have this all. I hate folding clothes. There are a lot of times that I dry clothes and just leave them in the dryer for a day or two. It's horrible, because everything looks awful if it just sits in there. I will find ANY excuse (Pintrest) to avoid dealing with the clean clothes. I hate finding hangers and sorting out which clothes are Lyla's, and which ones are Sasha's and I HATE finding matches to socks. We always have an extra sock with no match. It makes me crazy. I could really get used to delivering my laundry to my mother and having it returned all beautifully folded. It was a wonderful treat in so many ways, but the other day the UPS man showed up with the part and I'm back to doing my own laundry. At least I sort of appreciate having my own dryer again. Maybe it will be like that great period of time right after you buy a new vacuum, where you really love to vacuum your house. Maybe having a dryer again will inspire be to become the laundry master that my mother is!

Thanks again Mom and Stacie for helping me out!


  1. Anytime Stef! I quite enjoyed the "show"...

  2. I totally know what you mean! Our dryer is broken right now and we are anxious to get it repaired. My husband isn't as handy as yours seems to be so we had to call someone to come fix it for us. They weren't able to come out yesterday like they said so we're going on 3 days of being dryer-less. I don't know how you did it for 10 days!