Saturday, March 17, 2012

Farewell Jersey Shore

I will totally admit that I love the Jersey Shore! I didn't watch the first season, but after all the "Italian American" controversy, I was interested in seeing what all the fuss was about. I watched one mid-season episode and I fell madly in love with my Guido's and Guiedettes. What's not to love? The very next day I hit the internet to download all of season one and I watched them over the next couple of days. Somewhere during this Jersey Shore marathon, Dave got the bug. His interest was as innocent as mine and a couple years later, Jersey Shore is a high priority recording on our DVR.
I love the tiny, drunken Snooki. I'm baffled by Deena, but I love that she and Snooki are "the Meatballs". J-Wow's boobs are a weekly draw. They are crazy huge, and I love that she dresses like such a skank. If a Jersey Girl is going to pay for monster jugs, she might as well transform her wardrobe to really show them off. I am so glad Ron and Sam are getting along this season, but I also love when they fight. I would love to taste Ron's infamous blender drink, better known as the "Ron Ron Juice". Mike, "the Situation", is annoying, but good for T.V. I wish he never would have been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. I didn't need to see that. I lost some respect for the Situation during that time. I can't believe how incredibly pigeon toed he is???? And that leaves me with the best Bromance of all time. My beloved Pauly D and Vinny. These two are like the "old married couple" of Seaside, NJ. I wish Vinny would have hit the gym and started tanning a bit earlier, but I love that crazy mama's boy anyway. They love each other in a way not many man friends can. They are adorable. I want so badly to touch Pauly D's blow out. I would normally think it was pathetic for a 30 year old man to use Spiker and blow-out his hair for 30 minutes, but it's great for Pauly. In fact, I love him for it. He really is "fresh to death".

If I ever find myself in New Jersey, you can bet your life that I will be making the pilgrimage out to Seaside Heights. I would first go directly to the Shore Store and buy as much Jersey swag as I could get my little hands on. Then I would get a drink at Jenks and start to prepare for a wild night a Karma. I would fist pump and jersey turn pike with a smile on my face. It would be the ultimate Jersey experience. Dave would love it!

I have no idea what will happen to the Jersey shore house this summer. Snooki and the tiniest Guido on the planet, Gianni are going to have a baby and so I know she won't be back this summer. It makes me sad to think that Dave and I just watched our last episode of this little gem of a show. I will watch the "Pauly D" spin-off show and supposedly J-Wow and Snooki have a spin-off too. Yes, I'll watch that one as well, but I will miss all the GTL, and all the drama.
Until we meet again Jersey Shore, I will miss you.

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