Tuesday, March 13, 2012

After The Final Train Wreck (or final rose)

Wow, thank you US Weekly for totally wrecking the final episode of the Bachelor. I 100% knew who Ben would pick and it made all the Lindsey scenes unbearable to watch. Normally I can't watch Lindsey because of her voice and her make-up, but this was much worse. That poor girl was so set up for failure and she didn't even know it. I love how she said, "Well, call me if it doesn't work out." after he told her he wasn't choosing her. That alone is a great predictor of Ben's future.
Speaking of Ben, he sure did look like shit on After the Final Rose. A little piece of advice to all the fellas out there, if your "beard" looks like something a 13 year old boy could grow, you need to shave. I understand that he wants to distance himself from looking so much like Francine from the cartoon "Arthur", but he looked awful. And seriously, what is this stupid haircut? I can't deal with it anymore. It is so not attractive and he clearly needs a trim. If I can see your split ends on my crappy ass Vizio television, that's a problem. Also, is Ben's sister 9 months pregnant of is she just a huge fan of the worlds most unflattering sweaters? I don't get it.
All that being said, I sure hope Ben and Courtney enjoy all six weeks of their doomed romance. The upside of all of this is that I can't wait to see them end up on my future dream cast of Bachelor Pad. Move over Vienna, Courtney is ready to take your spot as most annoying Bachelor Pad contestant EVER!

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