Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Questions

Why can I remember vulgar rap lyrics from the 90's ( Too Short anybody???), but I don't remember what I made for dinner last night?

How can I become a contestant on Jeopardy? Teen Jeopardy to be more specific...

Why does my husband believe that one tablespoon is basically equal to one teaspoon? They are very different....especially when baking.

What ever happened to those scooters from my youth? They had bike tires on them, not huge tires, but small bike tires? They had real brakes too. I loved mine. I want my kid to have one, but they don't seem to exist anymore.

What the hell happened to LeAnn Rimes? Her boobs are so weird and I can see her skeleton without an X-ray machine. Other that having an affair with that Eddie Cibrian guy, and then marrying him, is she still famous? I don't know much about country music, but I don't think she really makes music anymore. According to US weekly, she spends a lot of time on beach vacations. But her boobs look so weird on her anorexic body. It's just so strange looking.

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