Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding Invitation

I love the spring and summer because it's wedding season. I love finding an invite in my mailbox. It's way better than a bill and it usually means I get to wear a cute dress and go on a mandatory date. Maybe I might even get to go to Ross to find a dress, YAY! I love drinks, cake and dancing! It's all win-win for me. Oh, and it's nice to see young love birds make it official.

Dave, on the other hand, doesn't get so excited. He likes to look at invitations, especially if there is a picture, but he doesn't get excited to attend the event. When the invites arrive we usually have the exact same conversation every time and it goes like this:

Dave "Do we have to go to this?"

Me "I want to go!"

D "Are the kids coming and if they aren't what are we going to do with them?"

M "They aren't coming and I figured we would just lock the girls up in the playroom and hope for the best."

D "So your mom will babysit."

M "Yes."

D "Didn't this dude/girl already get married like 5 years ago?

M "Yes he/she did and that practice wedding was so fun, so I bet this real wedding will be even better!"

D "Why is he/she having another wedding?"

M "Well isn't it obvious? They are clearly out to sabotage your Saturday June 5th evening! It's all just a ploy to wreck your life Dave! There's no possible way this person has really found love, they just want to make Dave buy them another present. That's got to be the reason, I just know it!"

D "Okay, okay, I get it. What kind of food is there gonna be?"

M "I don't know Dave. I'm just working with the information on the invitation. Are you going to skip it if there won't be prime rib?"

D "No, I was just wondering. How long do we have to stay?"

M "I thought we retired that question. Can you please never ever ask me that question again."

He always ends up coming to the weddings and he always has a good time. He eats, he drinks, he socializes and he rarely if ever asks to leave early. I don't know why he has to be a freak show when the invites come.

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