Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Show Round-up

I didn't watch a single episode of The Voice last year. I WILL WATCH EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF THE VOICE this season. OMG I loved it! My husband can't deal with these singing shows, but I've been grooming my oldest daughter for this job for quite sometime. She is an excellent co-judge. We were initially put into a state of shock and awe by Christina Aguilera's boobs. This shock was well documented on my Facebook page and I'm pleased to say I was not alone. Christina hasn't had a baby recently, but good lord her milk has come in anyway and it looks painful. She's put on a few pounds over the last few years and it's not a big deal, but she needs to find a top that can accommodate her monster jugs! She really would look great if she wore clothes that fit her body. As long as she starts being nice to Adam, I won't hate on her, but she needs to put the tits away.

You won't believe this, but The Voice is a singing show, it's not actually about Christina's boobs. It's a great show. I'm loving the blind auditions. I want Adam Levine to get the best singers and ultimately win. I LOVE Adam. Maroon 5 is my favorite and I just want to learn to sing really well and join Adams team. He is a yum yum!!! Some girl named Lindsay, who has half of her head shaved, is my favorite so far. She is going to be on Big Tit's MaGhee's team, but I hope she does really well on the show anyway. I also loved that girl, Angel, that sang the Adele song and joined my dream boat Adam's team at the end of Monday nights episode. So far, I 'm very happy that I've given this show a shot on my t.v. roster!

Monday nights episode of the Bachelor was wonderful, but I will admit there was a scene that was too awkward to watch. I had no bad feelings towards Jamie, until she tried prove her devotion to Ben with an unwarranted make-out session. She's had no time with Ben and it is painfully obvious that they have ZERO chemistry, so I can't for the life of me figure out why she tried to make-out with him before the rose ceremony. Somebody has to go, Jamie! That's how the show works. You and Ben certainly will not be getting engaged in the coming weeks, and you know it, so why humiliate yourself right before you're eliminated? And do not under any circumstances try to give a grown man step by step directions about how you want the kiss to go. She was seriously stopping every other second to tell him, "mouth open, mouth closed, turn this way, mouth open again." I was so relieved when Ben shut that down. It was crazy! I'm sure Ben was wondering how horrible sex would be with a person like that. Poor Jamie is just clueless. It was hard to watch. But Dave and I really got a good belly laugh out of it, so thanks for the giggles Jamie. Sadly, you won't be missed. It's so weird to watch grown women try desperately to win a man that they have no real connection with. If there isn't chemistry right away, I'm afraid to say it isn't going to suddenly appear later. It's sad to think that some of them have really never felt that unexplainable spark before. But you know a lot of them haven't, or they'd be able to recogonize that it's missing between themselves and Ben. It's the hottest thing on the planet and when it's there, you are officially out of control. It takes over and the rest is history. You don't find it everyday, but when you do.... BOOM, it's amazing. But the clueless make for great entertainment and you know I can't wait for next weeks Belize episode. It should be amazing. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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