Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What does a spider eat when it decides to live in your house? There is a small light brown spider that has taken up residence on my bathroom ceiling. It moves around every now and again, but loves to hang out above the light fixture in that nook where the ceiling meets the wall. Normally I would have killed it at first sight, but I couldn't reach it if I tried. I asked Dave to kill it, but we had just watched "Charlotte's Web" (the newer, Dakota Fanning version) with the girls the day before I saw the spider, so he refused to kill it. Imagine the number of house spiders, who live today, only because their home owners saw that movie. Now, I don't for a second believe that this little spider is going to spin a web with a word written in it and I doubt Dave does either. I do however, believe that if I could hear it, the tiny spider would speak in Julia Roberts voice. I would feel awful to kill a spider that might sound like a celebrity that famously portrayed a hooker in "Pretty Woman".
So it's been weeks since I first spotted the spider and it's still moving a few feet to the left or right everyday. It's alive and I don't know what it eats! I've gotten so used to the spider now that it isn't even scary to me anymore. I've really reached the point where I'm concerned about her well being (she must be a female if she is voiced by Julia Roberts). I hope she's getting enough to eat and drink. We have no crumbs of any kind on the bathroom ceiling, so I'm worried. If she could live off of brown hair, then she's got a long life ahead of her. There is an alarming amount of hair on the floor in the bathroom, despite the fact that I try very hard not to brush my hair in there. I've moved my favorite hair brush into my salon just to remove the temptation to brush. (yes, I do have a hair salon in my house. It's on the main floor where where a regular person would have their office. An office is a place you work in, and I work with hair, so there you go. A hair salon right off the entry way. I thought it was a tacky choice at first, but the basement isn't finished and it seemed like the best available spot for a salon. I actually love it now. I do my hair, and my kids hair in there every single day. I can't figure out how other people function without a hair salon on the main floor of their house. It might be something for everyone to consider in a future home. Endlessly useful really.) But back to the point. There are no flies here and our spider has no web at all, so what does a house spider eat? I keep thinking I'll wake up in the morning and she'll be gone for good, looking for an exit to the world outside. But no, she continues to live on the ceiling. I hope she sticks around, because she is the worlds most low maintenance pet.

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