Thursday, February 23, 2012

Answer These Questions

If Britney Spears sang at the blind auditions for The Voice, would any of the judges push their button and ask her to join their team?

What would Simon Cowell say about a live Britney audition?

Does Magic Johnson still have HIV? He announced that he was HIV positive like 22 years ago. He looks healthy as a horse on my HD T.V. I'm happy for him if he's gotten over it, but I wonder about it a lot.

Have you EVER heard of any normal person being hospitalized for exhaustion? This mysterious "exhaustion" is a major reason for celebrity hospitalization. I've been pretty damn tired before, but I've never even considered going to the emergency room and letting the professionals deal with it. I think the local E.R. docs would admit me, take my money and then laugh at me in the break room. Shouldn't you just get a babysitter and go to bed? How hard could it be celebs?

Did you know that the man who invented the first toilet was Mr. Crapper? I'm not even joking. We learned this little tidbit of information on the History Channel show, Modern Marvels. I'm thrilled that Dave isn't a descendant of Mr. Crapper. I'd hate being Mrs. Crapper.

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  1. I think the same thing about Ashley Simpson.