Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ross Again

I found myself at Ross again yesterday. My daughters birthday is in a few days and I've seen this little princess castle pop-up tent at Ross and my girls want one really bad. Of course we saw it a month ago and yesterday I couldn't find one anywhere. I should have bought it when I saw first saw it, but I hesitated and you just can't afford to hesitate at a store like Ross.

As soon as I walked through the doors, my full Ross experience began! The loss prevention specialist was really hard at work yesterday. He approached a woman and let her know that her child, whom she had just sat in the cart, would not be allowed to eat the hamburger (which she had also set down in the cart) while browsing the store. Ghetto mama then grabbed the burger which was literally resting in the cart (no wrapper) and told her two year old to eat fast cause mama wants to shop. It was a yucky scene indeed. I felt bad for the kid for so many reasons. First, should a baby be eating a hamburger dinner in a shopping cart at Ross? I believe the answer is no. But teen mom has a busy schedule and her needs CLEARLY trump babies needs. Maybe she was planning on buying him an $8 Polo knockoff to make up for it. Who knows?

So I'm making my way towards the toy shelf at the back of the store. I keep getting side tracked by cute clothes hanging on the racks. I'm browsing tank tops when a small child emerges from the rack of clothes. He also looks about two and mom is nowhere in sight. This is nothing new for me. I am a magnet for lost kids. A lost kid once found me at Target and told me he'd lost his mother. Next he told me that his mother has a purse so we'd be able to find her for sure based on that tidbit of information. My five year old just looked at him and said, "Duh! All moms have purses. Don't you even know what color it is, or her name?". He did not have this information, but we were able to find his mommy anyway. So back to the lost kid at Ross. He didn't seem the least bit interested in finding his mother and once I found her, I understood why. His mother was many aisles away, chatting on her cell phone, looking at shoes and she didn't seem the least bit alarmed about losing her kid. I mentally punched her in her fat face and tied her tubes right there in the shoe aisle (I wish). So after returning the child who would have done better remaining lost in Ross, I finally made it to the toy aisle. Sure enough, no castle to be found. I almost left the store completely defeated, but then it occurred to me that my kid doesn't even need a castle tent. My kid has a great life as it is. My kid is fed dinner at home with a family that doesn't scour the town looking for Meth all day. Which by the way, I wouldn't doubt if there is a meth lab somewhere back by the Ross dressing rooms. It would certainly make sense, location wise I mean. But seriously, my kid has enough. She has a mom who panics if she is out of my sight in a store. That right there is gift enough for my daughter. So she'll turn three with two gifts and I'm sure she won't miss the castle tent a bit. Life is good for these kids and I'll take them down to Ross for a lesson about it if they ever doubt it.

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