Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Kids Oscar Fashion Review

I love me some dress judging! I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree because my five year old is just as judgy. She is VERY kind and even Deena from the Jersey Shore will find some kind words from my daughter. I loved Guiliana Rancic's dress the best. I thought she looked gorgeous and she better because she is a host on E's Fashion Police. Angelina looked good, but she was trying way too hard. She probably threw her hip right out of it's socket with that strange leg out of the slit pose. And I always say this, but she needs food really bad. She would look so much better if she'd ditch this stupid anorexia. Dave always says he feels so bad for Brad Pitt because at the end of the day, he has to cuddle up to a bag of bones. Yuck! We get it Angie! You are thin and you love refugees. Now eat something. I really don't like the dresses that Meryl Streep wears either. I feel like she wears the same ugly dress, in a different color, every year. Octavia Spencer, from The Help, she wore a gorgeous dress to the Oscars and it looked similar to her Golden Globe dress, but it is a great cut on her. Meryl needs some help when comes to dress shopping. Maybe Octavia can help her.

Sasha loved Penelope Cruz's dress. She felt that it looked like a delicious blueberry. That seemed to be her favorite. She thought J-lo looked really pretty and sparkly, but also very inappropriate. Sasha hates when they show too much skin. She loved Jessica Chastain, because her dress looked like a chandelier! All of her comments crack me up, but she had one in particular that nearly made me pee my pants. She saw Brad Pitt and her only comment was this, "Hey, isn't that Miley Cyrus' dad!" I had to laugh. Who would have ever thought Brad Pitt could be mistaken for Billy Ray Cyrus? But I looked at the photo and I'll be darned, she was spot on.

Penelope "the blueberry" Cruz

Jessica "the Chandier" Chastain

Billy Ray and Miley

Brad Pitt and Angelina's freak leg

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  1. That leg!!! OMG and did you see when she was presenting. Its like they told her you can only wear this dress if you stick your WHITE SKIN leg out.. I hated it.