Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Benny the Bachelor

Kaci B.

Ben's not doing so good. I totally thought Kaci B. would be the girl he proposed to. I feels so bad for her because her parents totally ruined it for her. They made it out to be like she is 16 and they aren't sure if they are ready to let her go out on a date with Ben. She's 24! She is old enough to make her own decisions. But seriously, they scared the shit out of Ben. I could not believe that she showed up on Monday nights fantasy date episode. I doubt she asked to come back. I would bet $100 that the producers called Kaci and started the conversation like this, "Hi Kaci. I bet you're still all torn up over not receiving a rose. Do you want to see Ben again? Better yet Kaci, do you want a free trip to Switzerland? We're working on a fantastic scenario for the fantasy episode, and you could play a key role. Do you mind humiliating yourself?" I don't blame her for jumping in head first. Though I didn't like when she layed on the hotel hallway carpet in a moment of disbelief. I think laying on the floor in public is a big no no.
The fantasy dates were okay at best. Switzerland looks freaking awesome and I knew there would be some serious helicopter action, but Lindsey's date was awful. I would never in a million years want to "repel" off the side of a cliff. I would be super pissed if I ended up on that sucky date. But it was super dooper for cheese ball Lindsey. She is an orange faced cliche. She isn't ugly at all, it's just that she has "base face". She puts on foundation and powder and mascara and that's it. Her lips are the exact same fake color as the rest of her face. I don't like it at all. I don't really think she'd be a good choice for Ben. I don't think Ben really likes her that much either. He is clearly crazy infatuated with Courtney. I hate how she acts super dumb for Ben. I don't think men find stupid girls attractive, but if the Bachelor is any indicator, I am totally wrong about that one. I recall Ben taking the smart, witty Emily on a date where he flat out told her how impressed he was with her brain power. I also remember him eliminating her that same episode. That single bad move sort of soured Ben for me. I am certain he wants to chose Courtney and I'm certain his mom and sister will HATE her. Ben's in a real pickle here. Courtney is horrible. When she started crying in her side interview, my husband yelled, "Make it rain Courtney!" I loved his enthusiasm. Dave is a good man and he doesn't want to see a woman sad, but even he has totally had it with Courtney's bullshit. Poor Ben blew this one big time. The worst part is that if he chooses Courtney, boring, orange-face Lindsey will probably be the next Bachelorette. GAG! That is not something I'll be able to stomach. I can't wait to see the most dramatic conclusion ever.

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