Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When the Cat's Away.......

The mice will play!   Or rather the mother mouse will watch loads of trash t.v. and forget to go to bed before 1:00 A.M.

This last week Dave has been on call for work.  Saturday night he got called out and last night, before he even got home from work, he was called out again.   I hate that this happens, because I know he's tired and needs  some rest.  That being said, I also secretly like the change in the regular routine.  The t.v. is all mine!  Angry Birds.......all mine!  Time alone (never happens with kids).....all mine!

I go nuts with the freedom to do whatever I choose, with no compromise.  What often happens is this.  I put the kids to bed and then I sort of panic about free time management.  I want to read in complete silence, but I'm compelled to watch The Real Housewives of ANYTHING!  I don't even follow these shows (hard to believe I know) but I want to watch them when I'm alone, simply because I can.  I hope that I'll catch the biggest drama episode of the season and then be "in the know" for months because I'm up to speed with Kim and Nene's big feud.  I want to know what is wrong with Vicki's face.  I want to see Teresa flip a freaking table!  Why am I compelled to watch this stuff?  Is it because the shows are great or is it because these programs go way past Dave's reality T.V. limits. 

Don't get me wrong, Dave is very generous with his trash viewing list.  He enjoys the Bachelor and Bachelorette,  America's Next Top Model, The Voice, Jersey Shore, Kendra, Project Runway and he'll even watch Fashion Police if it's already on the screen.  He refuses to watch it from the DVR list.  I know he only likes it because he has a monster crush on Guiliana Ransic (though he wishes she'd fatten herself up a bit).  He openly admits that he thinks she's so adorable and he loved her old last name, Depandi.  Who wouldn't?  That's the cutest last name ever!  Maybe for Christmas this year I'll begin the process of legally changing our families last name to Depandi!

Last nights alone time was a frenzy of activity.  After putting the kids to bed, I discovered that they were both dying of thirst, and why not, they hadn't had a drink for nearly twenty minutes!   Somehow, amidst this severe dehydration, they both had to go pee (again!) after returning to their beds for five minutes.  After the drinks, the pee breaks and the shouting of my catch phrase, "GO TO BED ALREADY!  If you can't sleep, just close your eyes and pretend to sleep!  NO MORE ANYTHING!  I LOVE YOU BUT I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICES UNTIL MORNING!!!!!", it was getting late. 

I decided to speed shower, and play ten levels of Angry Birds!  After that major time suck, I had to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms and watch my show, The Bachelorette!  It was riveting as always and I'm looking forward to watching it again with Dave tonight.  After that I powered through and watched my newest reality show, "Breaking Pointe".  It's a reality show that follows some members of the Salt Lake City based dance company, Ballet West.  That's right folks, my dreams have come true and there is now a great reality show filmed right here in Salt Lake!!!!!  I don't count Sister Wives, because it's embarrassing and disgusting!  Plus I heard that they were moving out of Utah.........good riddance!

So my new show is all about the ballet world and it's SOOOO not what you'd expect.  There is a lot of drama.  They all date each other and despite what Dave guessed, the guys are VERY heterosexual and super ripped!  This show is great for me and a tough pill for Dave to swallow.  It seems to push his limits, so I had to watch it when he wasn't home.  I love it!  I love that I can recognize most of their locations and I just know I'll totally want to go see the ballet once I get all invested in the drama.   I'm really pumped about this show, now I'll just hold my breath and hope that Bravo is working out the details for The Real Housewives of Utah and my casting call is coming soon!

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