Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinterest: Too Many Great Ideas!!!

I love the Pinterest site.  It has given my mind a rest.  Here's what I mean, if I love a photo or an idea, I can just pin it to one of my categorized boards and forget about it.  I know it's there, so I don't constantly have to try to remember the picture or where I might find it again.  I can take a look at them later when I'm actually ready to be inspired by them.  I get to keep all these little tidbits without living like a paper hoarder!  It's all safe and sound (and tidy), tucked away on a digital "board".

I know a lot of people pin great ideas or great craft projects and never look at them again, but I don't do that.  I have done a lot of crafts that I found on Pinterest.  The ideas are almost always very inexpensive and it's fun to do them.  I've also found lots of pictures of projects I did before Pinterest and it's interesting to see another persons method of tackling the same project a different way.  It's all a learning process.......but fun.

I've also found some great recipes and, oddly enough, great home based workout ideas.  There are fantastic hair inspirations and great ideas for really cute outfits.   I also love all the "Dream Home" ideas.  I can only imagine how much fun it would be to build a house with the aide of Pinterest.   There are so many beautiful design ideas, but also tons of great storage and organizational ideas.  It's a dream come true for my brain!

 Some of my favorites have been:

grout painting

Button art

spray painted pine cones


Monterey Chicken

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