Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Be THAT Girl!

Last weekend, while at Pineview Dam, I saw a sight that oozed desperation.  I think the woman was shooting for Carrie Bradshaw Fashionista, but it just looked desperate and stripper-ish.  I saw a woman wearing high heels to the beach.  Why ladies?  Why? 

You don't look the least bit fashionable.  I know you think you look super sexy, but you don't.  You look dumb and very uninformed.  You are the envy of no one (unless a fellow beach goer is a drag queen).   The truth is that every man, woman and child that sees you has this thought pop into their head, "Are you freaking kidding me?  What is it about sand and water that tells you heels are absolutely appropriate for today?"  My five year old noticed this immediately and turned to me and said, "Well that's not a very good idea!"  My kindergarten graduate has more sense than the grown woman in heels at the beach....and she's FIVE!

The womans face (if anyone even looked up to see it) was really pretty, but the heels on the beach just scream "I'm VERY insecure!"  I feel bad for the man that signed on to rebuild her self esteem every hour on the hour.  The point is that she looked desperate and sort of pathetic.  Swimwear with heels is appropriate for pagents (Miss. America or Miss. Hawaiian Tropic) and pole dancing.  Heels don't belong on a regular gal walking in sand.  It's not functional or appropriate.  If you can't be attractive in flip flops, don't kid yourself into believing that four inch heels are going to transform you into a Victoria's secret model.  It ain't gonna happen!  Smarten up!

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