Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bachelorette Look Alikes

I loved when I found the photo of Bachelor Ben next to a photo of Francine from Arthur.  Ben had reminded me of someone else all season long and I just couldn't figure it out on my own.  Someone else did the leg work on that one and I was forever grateful.  I mean seriously, is this not perfect?

 I have yet another fella from the show that looked so familiar and yet I just couldn't place it.  I re-watched Monday nights Bachelorette episode, with my husband who'd missed it, and it all came together.  I studied Ryan (goose egg haircut guy) and all at once it hit me!  Take and look and tell me if didn't NAIL this one.

The grown up version is Ryan.  The kid version would clearly be Little Critter!

Ryan as a child....Little Critter!
 I'm so relieved that I can stop trying to solve that mystery and just enjoy the show.

There is one other guy whom I adore and it took me no time at all to recognize who he reminds me of.   I think Shawn is great and I really hope Emily chooses him in the end.  I didn't notice him much at first, but he is moving to the head of the pack every week.  If you recall, all of Emily's girlfriends really took a liking to Shawn.  I'm sure those positive comments about Shawn have a lot of weight in Emily's opinion of him.  Dave and I noticed right away that Shawn look a lot like my cousin.  He's sort of a hybrid mix of two brothers but he reminds me most of this cousin in particular.  Am I crazy here or is Shawn the long lost son of my aunt and uncle?

Shawn from the Bachelorette
My handsome cousin


  1. Amen! You nailed it Stef! Love the Little Critter resemblance - the mouth, teeth, eyes :) I also thought Shawn looks like Dallin. And Arie reminds me of my brother Spencer. Great stuff.

  2. YES!!!!! Spencer and Arie do look an awful lot alike.

  3. I just watched this week episodes with a handful of my neighbors, who have maybe met my brother like ONCE. But his picture is on the wall here at my house. Anyway, TWO of them brought it up that my lil bro Dallin (aka your cousin) looks a LOT like Shawn! You absolutely nailed that one. :)