Monday, June 4, 2012

Boats and Meats

What a weekend!  It was so hot outside and you know what that means.......BOAT TIME!  We went to Pineview Saturday evening and again for most of Sunday.  It was great to go up twice and get that great feeling that summer has begun.  The only trouble is that Lyla will wake up every morning for the next 5 months with one request.  "Lyla go boat, go fast!  Pweeeese moma!"

So Sunday morning we get on the water really early and make our way to our favorite beach.   We call it  "Two Daughters Beach" because last year every family that parked near us on the beach had two kids that were both girls.  So the name stuck. 

We got our things set up on the beach and it's not long before my poor family starts smelling something wonderful cooking on a grill.  I don't even have to walk up the hill to know that a Mexican family is behind this delicious smell.  Sundays at Pineview are notorious for this.  Giant Mexican families congregate at Pineview to play in the water and eat an enormous feast.  I have packed a cooler full of ham sandwiches, chips and lemonade.  I mistakenly believe I have knocked it out of the park with  the meat sandwiches.  It's usually jelly sandwiches.  But the Mexican beach goers have put me to shame. 

The group of grillers is always an absolute minimum of twenty people.  These giant extended families drive up to pineview with ALL the provisions.  One truck is loaded with people and tables, the next with people and chairs, the next with people and a grill.  Yes that's right.  They don't normally use the campground grills........they bring their own from home.  And the meat!  Don't even get me started on the meat.  I might occasionally be burgers and hotdogs, but for the most part it's carne asada!  Have you ever smelled carne asada on the grill?  It's mouth watering good!

It's awful trying to get my tan on while smelling a delicious meal that won't be mine.  If this exercise is hard for me, it's near impossible for Dave.  He can focus on nothing else but the scent of the grill.  I can only imagine the riot that would break out if a Mexican matriarch showed up with a cooler full of ham sandwiches to feed her hungry brood.  It would get ugly!  I don't know if anyone would survive if the cooler was replaced by an over sized ziplock full of peanut butter and jellies! 

So my family sits in peace eating these pathetic ham sandwiches while taking in the scent of the Mexican feast.  My husband looked defeated and Sasha looked sad.  The two of them already begin planning what they want for dinner......and lunch isn't even over yet.  Luckily some swimming and sand castles distract them for a bit.

Later that day I come home from a quick trip to the grocery store to find Dave on the deck, grilling something.  I put away the groceries and survey the scene.  Dave is grilling so much meat!  So many varieties too.  Something called (I'm not joking here) "Beef ball tip????", these huge chicken sausages, hot dogs and a turkey burger (for Lyla).  I guess we are having  the Atkins diet for dinner.  Once it's all ready we sit at the table for the meat feast.  Dave looks absolutely giddy like a school girl.  He is so pleased by the sight of it! 

 I start looking at this absurd dinner and it occurs to me that I purchased the turkey burger and that's it.  So I ask Dave where all this food came from.  He said that he bought all of this (and much more meat that is hiding in my fridge) at Costco on Saturday while I was working.  I asked him why he bought SO MUCH MEAT?  And this was his answer, "You weren't there to stop me.  I just went nuts because no one told me no!" This is the reason I do the grocery shopping.  Dave comes home from the grocery store with a gallon of chocolate milk, a cake and frozen burritos. 

Well then......there you have it!  Meat Feast 2012, all because Dave has a Costco credit card and no restraint.

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  1. Nice Stef. Darin would be in heaven too. And I have heard that line from my grocery store shopper too...White cake and diet pepsi are his fall backs.