Friday, June 29, 2012

The Review

The story was sort of stupid, but the movie was AWESOME!!!!  That pretty much sums it up but heres the rest of the review....  I was squealing and giggling with delight during the strip scenes.  Channing Tatum is wasting some serious talent being an actor.  He was born to be a male stipper and he should tour the world doing it.  He would sell out stadiums I tell ya!  He's that good.

I wish that the story would have been more on the comedic side, but in all honesty, who even cares about the story?  There was a girl character who acted like she wasn't suseptible to the endless charms of Channing Tatum and I didn't find that to be the slightest bit plausible.  She had a real sour puss look on her face and I got very annoyed with her.  No one could resist Channing!  He could charm the pants off of ANYONE if given the chance.  I'm not even giving my opinion here.  It's a fact.

So the verdict is in:  Lot's of thumbs up!  I didn't need all the talking, but I really enjoyed the enjoyable parts........if you know what I mean.

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