Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My New Shame Show!

Last Thursday night I made a startling discovery. I learned something about myself that I would have never guessed to be true. It was very much an accident, but it happened. I turned on the T.V. one night and it was immediately clear that a certain 3 year old had been playing with the remote control. Weird menus plastered the screen and I feared that some settings had been forever lost. My first thought was, "What if Top Model doesn't record because of the buttons she's pushed?" It was a mess. After a few minutes of intense concentration I was back to a normal T.V. The channel it was set to was one I never watch called Bio (short for Biography I think). The show that was playing was called Celebrity House Hunters and the title alone sold me. I loved it. Carnie Wilson (what an unfortunate name for a "big boned" gal) was searching for a new gorgeous home in Southern California. It had all the good parts of the HGTV House Hunters, but all the homes were gorgeous and amazing and there was no annoying host. I watched a couple of episodes, and loved them both. I ran to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal and when I came back to my room, a new show had already begun and I decided to watch just a few minutes of it. A few minutes turned into an hour. I realized that I have joined a whole new niche of society. I had, after only one episode, become a devoted lover of Dog the Bounty Hunter!

This is something so unexpected but wonderful. I had pre-judged Dog based only on his bleach blonde mullet. I had assumed that my lack of interest in Nascar would also mean that Dog the Bounty Hunter wasn't for me. I was dead wrong. Before the end of night one, Duane and Beth (Beth is Dog's wife and business partner), had been added to the elite "Record Series" list on my DVR. This show is so intense and I've found that it often ends an episode with the dreaded words "To be continued". For me, those words mean, "You are not going to bed anytime soon, cause you have to watch the next episode right this second."
In all fairness I will admit that my sister had given me the unlikely heads up about this show a while ago. I didn't know what channel it was on and I honestly didn't think it would be so good. I see Dog in a whole new light now. I mean there has to be a reason that this show has been on television for so many years. I figured out why. It's crazy good, plus the people they hunt for are horrible and you feel really good about yourself in comparison. Another great thing I've gotten from the show is the importance of sun screen. Dog and Beth are both "Pauly D" tan and that's dark. Their skin is awful in HD. I put on sunscreen this morning only because I am haunted by that HD image. Dog the Bounty Hunter is a certifiably wonderful shame show. Everyone should watch at least one episode and confess their love for Dog and Beth. I feel better getting this off my chest and out in the open. I love it!

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