Friday, April 13, 2012

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world, there would be a legit place for an adult to go skating at, and I'd own those beauties pictured above. Where is a grown woman (pint sized as I may be) supposed to go roller skating at? I love to skate and the Classic Roller Rink isn't exactly cutting it. It was amazing in the 80's, but the establishment as a whole has gone to hell in a hand bag. First off, it reeks of smelly feet and a stench my mother calls "Kid Stink" (Yeah mom, I totally get it now and it's a very real smell). The regular florescent lights seem to be on all the time. News flash Classic Skating, nobody wants to skate under normal lighting just like no one would dance at the dance club if all the lights were on. The disco lights are part of the experience and therefore required to be on at all times. I don't need to be dodging scooters and toddlers. I just want to skate. I want the disco lights and some jams blasting out of the speakers. If Rod Stewart and Olivia Newton John (circa 1980) could show up and perform their greatest hits under the disco ball, that would be icing on the cake. For some reason there is shame associated with this wish, but this is truly what I want. The trouble seems to be that most adults either can't skate, or don't seem to enjoy it for reasons I'll never understand.I wonder how many adults would go skating if there were a nice adult skating joint? I know I'd hang out there whenever possible, but I'm realistic enough to know that not all adults would love it. Sometimes I can get my mom to go skating and she loves it. She is really comfortable on skates and we have a blast when we go during the day with the kids. We are wiped out tired afterward because aside from it being tons of fun, it's a great workout. I would way rather roller skate for an hour than run!
I've talked to a girl who is skating with other grown women in a modern day Roller Derby. She really encouraged me to come to their "try-outs", but here's the thing, I don't really want to be knocking other women down and scoring "points". Also, I would lose my mind if some gal tried to knock me down. I'd turn into a crazy, hair pulling, fighting machine if that happened (I do understand this is the point of roller derby). I just want happy fun skating.
When I was a kid, we skated a lot. I had my own gorgeous pair of pink high-top skates. My parents basement was unfinished and someone had the genius idea to put the record player down there. So many of my days were spent skating in the basement to Olivia Newton John, Michael Jackson and Tiffany records. George Michael also made an appearance in the tape deck. All my birthday parties were at Classic skating. When I turned 16 I'd drag all my license-less guy friend to the skating rink with me. I think they had fun, but they really didn't have much choice. These are great memories and I so want my own daughters to have these awesome experiences. I also want to stop day dreaming about skating. I must make this a reality! Maybe it's my destiny to run the most kick ass adult skating joint in Utah!


  1. I go skating with a couple of friends at a local rink. It has adult (over 18) nights on Monday and Tuesday. They have the classic skating jams along with some new ones and the lights are low with all the disco fun turned on. There are even people who are really good and put on a show. It is amazing and wonderful. Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is a full bar too. You are invited to join us if you are ever up in the Seattle area.

  2. I'm booking my ticket as we speak!!!!!!!