Friday, April 27, 2012

Sasha and the Generic Barbie

This daughter of mine was a tough baby, but I tell you what, it was so worth it.  She is the funniest kid and she pipes up with the most hilarious bits, every single day!  The other day something called "The Rainbow Bus" stopped at her school.  I wish I knew why the rainbow bus came to her school, but I don't.  At any rate, the bus is obviously rainbow colored and inside, it is filled with the cheapest toys that Taiwan offers.  Kids get a chance to pick a craptastic treasure from the rainbow bus as a reward for something or another.  My own daughter wasn't exactly sure the reason and I didn't really investigate any further into her explanation, maybe she just made up the whole scenario and some kid is home tonight, crying their eyes out over a missing generic fairy Barbie.  Who knows?  I've got bigger fish to fry.

So I pick her up from school and she comes running to the car with a huge, glittery, generic fairy Barbie (okay, maybe I should have investigated this further).  She was overjoyed and I could do little more than ask why she was given a Rainbow Bus toy and she seemed irritated that I was asking.  In hers eyes it was obvious.  Why wouldn't a giant multi colored bus show up at the Elementary School, bearing gifts?

I got the girls some lunch and it was time to tear into that Barbie box.  It was obviously a knock off Barbie because all the Mattel brand safety measures weren't in effect.  The dolls head wasn't surgically attached to the packaging and there were no cement blocks that needed chiseling to remove our fairy doll from her box.  It was easy, so I knew this doll was glorified garbage.  My daughters were in love.  This doll came with 3, count em, 3 sets of fairy wings!  And she was dressed to the strip club nines!  She even had glued on earrings.  Classy!

Sasha started picking at the earrings and I told her to be careful, because like I mentioned before, they were secured to the dolls head with the finest Taiwanese adhesive.  Sasha ignored my wisdom and two seconds later the earrings were off.  She thought I would be mad about this and she quickly covered her tracks with words.  "Weeeelllllllll.........she didn't need those earrings anyway!  They were way to flashy for her outfit.  I mean, hello Barbie, you're wearing glitter wings, so you don't really need  all these flashy accessories on!" 

This from a child who wears a pink satin evening gown and plastic high heels to 6:45 in the A.M.  But you know, she did have a point.  Those earrings were a bit much when Generic Barbie had those damn glitter wings on.  I just loved that she thought my world would come crashing down if Trashy Fairy wasn't wearing earrings.  Priceless!

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  1. You have officially started my weekend off perfectly. LOVE this one