Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Attention Facebook Haters

I like Facebook. No, I love Facebook. It's so great for so many reasons and I can't figure out what all the haters are hating on. I get the impression that it is "cool" to be anti-facebook, and if that's the case, let me formally announce my un-coolness. My immediate family doesn't do Facebook at all. My dad gave it try but people aren't his thing, so off he went. My mom doesn't enjoy all the wonders of the internet so it's no wonder she isn't interested in it. My brother, my sister and my in-laws don't do "the Facebook" either. I know a lot of people think it's just some big high school reunion that they have no desire to attend, but that's such a tiny part of it. It's also very nice to discover all these diamond in the rough people who you never got to know all that well. Besides, how many adults are EXACTLY the same now as they were in high school? Many people jump to conclusions when answering that question, but I will tell you many are VERY different (but some are still back-stabbing bitches who I refuse to "friend" cause I wisely burned them bridges long ago, NEVER to rebuild!) The teen years weren't the best years for most folks and adulthood has pleasantly matured most of us. I was, for the most part, a total bitch in high school and Facebook is a way to overcome that. Back then I was in a huge rush to get high school over with and turn 21 already. My head was elsewhere for so much of high school and despite the fact that my school was very small, I still failed to get to know some people who I now know are hilarious (Mike and Daniel). My "friend list" is filled with all sorts of great people that I never really got a chance to know well. People, who would other wise just be casual acquaintances ,have become people I REALLY like. And it's not just high school people who have turned out to be so much more than I ever would have guessed. It's quiet girls from elementary school and junior high. It's old neighbors and co-workers that I never would have thought I had so much in common with. Facebook is a strange, yet effective way to communicate to others what you are really about. It's not your hair, your car, your clothes, or your image that count in the facebook realm, it's your personality that's on display......if you know how to express yourself. There are so many people who feel far more comfortable typing and "liking" things than they do talking face to face. And the way I see it, there is nothing wrong with that. Good for them for finding their comfort zone. I'm outgoing in both worlds (hello I do hair) but it's been so nice to get to know people who are great on the internet, but still might seem a bit closed off in person. Facebook really helps to break down that invisible social barrier that a lot of people deal with in the real world. I'm also not ashamed to say that my day-to-day Facebook friends have become my "co-workers" if you will. I'm a stay at home mom and I also work from home. I love that I can do this, but I absolutely miss all my friendships that I had with all my old co-workers.......especially salon girls. Not having those relationships that are based on day to day chit chat is hard. Facebook is a great way for me to have that void filled in a little. I know there are lots of people who would find that statement a bit pathetic, and many more who secretly agree, but it's so true for me. I am SO SOCIAL! I thrive on relating with other people and this blog is really an extension of that. So there it is Facebook haters. It's not so bad if you give it a try.

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