Friday, November 30, 2012

Great Filler Book

You know when you have your heart set on reading a certain book but you don't actually have a physical copy of it? This is the time that I have to turn to a filler book.  I don't do the whole nook/kindle thing because I'm cheap and I like real books, but my aversion to technology leaves me in a reading lurch from time to time. I'm a slave to the library and if I'm determined to read something that the library doesn't carry, I'm forced to order it off Amazon and wait for it in the mail. It's worth it, but I like to keep a short list of "filler books" on the ready. I found some titles of short quick books on a website called "Good Reads" and I decided I'd better start one while I wait for my next Kate Morton book.

I chose a book called "On the Island". I got into really quickly and the story moves along very fast. Three days later I was done, and I don't read during the day. Just a little before bed. The night I finished it, I was shocked to find out that I'd stayed up til one o'clock in the morning. I NEVER stay up that late. I normally close up shop by 11:30. I like my sleep and my kids get up at quarter to dawn, so I'm not a night owl at all these days.  The book was adorable and I couldn't put it down. Definitely an easy read, and I enjoyed the story.
I read that the author published the book herself and it's sold well strictly from word of mouth advertising and the wonders of social media. I like that she made a success of herself this way. She seems like a great storyteller and I was happy to buy her book.

If you do choose to read this book I think I should share my image of the male main character. Dave and I watch Survivor religiously. It's one of my all time favorite shows. This season, one of the stranded contestants is a handsome young man named Malcom. It was obviously his good looks and the island setting that brought him to mind when I started reading the book. I had also probably just watched Survivor before I started the book. Whatever the reason, I like to picture young Malcom as the guy in this story.  This might also be the reason I zipped right through the book. I'm a sucker for my T.V. crushes. In the great words of  Dora the Explorer," Yum, yum, yum, yum! Delicioso!"

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