Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

As always, it's the day after Halloween that I feel so glad about choosing to make costumes for my kids. The princess dresses looked so cute and I'm so happy that I pulled through and finished them on time. There were a few ugly moments along the way. I recall one evening that my sewing machine was on the fritz and I threw a mini temper tantrum and screamed "I'm freaking DONE! I'm not gonna finish this stupid dress! I'm BUYING costumes this year!".  The next day I got my shit together, got my machine fixed and unpicked seams for an hour. It sucked, but I go so much done that day and by nightfall, Rapunzel's dress was all but finished. It was fun in hindsight. I loved going overboard with the trim. In the end, I'm so glad I stuck it out because the finished product really makes me smile....and my daughter loves it too.

The Belle dress was easy. It came to together in a flash. I stressed about what I wanted it to look like and I stressed about what techniques to use, but I love how it turned out. Elastic thread was the magic ingredient. Lyla wants to wear it again today, so I'd call it a success.

I'm already wondering what I'll be making next year. They always threaten to be Ariel in her full mermaid regalia. I know this would be a pain in the butt and a logistical nightmare, but secretly I've been planning a way to attack the mermaid tail for months. We'll wait and see I guess. As Sasha gets older, I know I've only got another year or two of sweet costumes and then they'll both want to be "dead" this or "zombie" that. For now, I'm just fine with the princess dresses.....and poodle skirts. I couldn't resist making one for myself! I think it was a good choice. I thought my kids would be slightly mortified if I wore my Snooki costume again. It was tough to retire it. I had a grand plan to wear it again this year, but I was going to add a baby Bjorn to it, with a doll inside. The mock baby boy would be wearing leopard pajamas and a rope chain. It would have killed at any Halloween party!

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