Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eye Shadow

I see make-up photos like this all over Pinterest. I like a lot of these looks. Kim Kardashian is probably the queen of the smokey eye and I see tons of make-up shots featuring her famous eye make-up. She looks gorgeous! I would love to emulate this look.......but it doesn't ever go as planned.

When I attempt this look, I always end up looking like I took a severe beating. It's as if my face rejects this look. It doesn't work on me. I almost NEVER wear eyeshadow for this very reason. I remember once going to the MAC counter in Nordstroms and having some random make-up artist do my eye make-up. I was feeling very chic as I walked through the mall that day. That feeling came crashing down when I took one last look at my eyes in the rear view mirror in the parking garage. I had only been wearing all this liner and eye shadow for an hour, yet I already looked like I'd had my ass kicked. It was as if I'd gone to the gym in full make-up. It somehow melted down on my eyelids. During the meltdown, I transitioned from a glamour girl to a walk of shame girl. I knew right then and there that I wasn't destined to wear eyeshadow.

In truth, I don't really know very many women who wear eyeshadow on a daily basis. It's a fancy night look around these parts. I save my black and blue beat down eyes for special occasions only!
On a side note, take a look at that perfectly groomed eyebrow. I don't know how that happens. I am an expert with the wax and I'm no stranger to the tweezers but I was not blessed with beautiful brows. My brows would be trouble if I lived in a time before tweezers. Some of my brows grow up, some down, some grow properly and a few might even be growing in backward. On top of that genetic nightmare, they are naturally asymmetrical.  They certainly aren't identical twins, not even fraternal twins for that matter. I'd go so far as to say that the left one has no relation to the right one. They need constant maintenece. I'm the person who has no choice but to smuggle tweezers onto the airplane. They aren't a weapon. They are a tool for peace.

The upside to all of this seems to be that NO ONE notices and NO ONE cares. I'm the only person who is bothered by the sight of twelve unplucked, stray eye brow hairs. Dave doesn't notice and no friend of mine has ever voiced a complaint. I've got enough personality to cope with eyes that don't showcase eyeshadow. My eyelid's rejection of color hurts no one but the share holders at Maybelline.  I'm certain I'm not the only gal with magical, make-up melting eyelids. Oh well, one less step for me when getting ready in the morning.

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  1. Does your eyeshadow melt on your eyelid? Or is it just like me and I have no skills to do the smokey eye look. Probably because my eyelids are so small. But the melty look is solved with eyeshadow primer. I love urban decay's or MAC. There is one thing I will splurge on.