Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No! Not the T.V.

I should be ashamed to admit this, but it has to be said. My kids murdered our T.V.! Yes, it's true. It's lights out for the Samsung LCD television. They watched that sucker to death. Entertaining my family was just too much of a burden. That pricey screen just couldn't keep up with all the Sponge Bob and Funniest Home Videos. It is DEAD.

Samsung T.V.
This is sort of a pathetic life span for a television. The one that died a few days ago was our first modern, thin television. Dave and I searched for weeks trying to figure how our money would be best spent. I was VERY pregnant with our first born and still we wandered all the stores looking for the right one! We had just finished our basement and Dave was looking for a perfect huge man T.V.  It was too big for the great room off of our kitchen and honestly that was the only place that we ever wanted to watch t.v. It seems silly now that we bought an expensive television for our normally vacant basement. Like I said though, we didn't yet know what life with kids would really be like. I guess we figured we'd just put the baby in the crib and enjoy long, surround sound, movies in the basement all night. We wouldn't be tired. We certainly wouldn't endure weeks of colic! We weren't thinking practically, Dave just wanted a man t.v. and he seemed to enjoy the process of buying it. We thought we made the right choice. It was pricey and the brand seemed flashy. Once we moved to our current house, the mega, mega television started getting heavy use because it finally found itself on the main floor! The kids were super into cartoons and movies and that thing was on a lot! I guess it just proved to be too much.
We'll replace it, I'm sure, but the last few mornings have been really nice. It's been nice not hearing about Squidward and Sponge Bobs lives. My first grader read a few extra books in the morning and we got to school early. I prefer it quiet. Well quiet isn't ever a good word to use when describing a house with two young (loud), bossy, singing daughters. The kids think they miss the cartoons, but they certainly don't act like it. They play and wrestle and do all the same dance performances that they normally do, only now the t.v. isn't making any additional background noise. It might be a good change.
I should mention that we have another, fully functioning television upstairs. The kids are very aware of it, but it hasn't once occurred to them to leave the room that I'm in, to go watch it. I half expected that, but it's nice that they still choose my company over the couch upstairs. We'll see how long this lasts.

My daughters have their own theories about exactly what happened to the television. Lyla, who is 3, insists that it's just run out of batteries. If I could just find some double A's this whole ordeal would be over. Sasha, age 6, thinks that Lyla's theory is absurd. She believes that this is how it went down, "I think all the gears inside the t.v. were working just fine, and then something like maybe the film, fell down and jammed the gears. So it's probably just film in the gears. Old machines have something called film. It can run out. So if it isn't jammed in the gears, it probably just ran out."

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