Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Sister's Birthday

Last Friday was my sister's birthday.  I wanted to do something fun with her on her special day and she let me know, the week before, that she wanted to go to a movie.  Had her birthday been in June, the obvious movie of choice would have been Magic Mike.  Since every dirty minded woman saw that one opening weekend, we would have to choose another show.  My sister wanted to see Step Up Revolution.  I was all, "what????" and she was all, "It's gonna be awesome!"  So with that being said, I knew we should see Step Up for sure.  Plus, it was HER birthday and the birthday girl gets to pick the movie.

The morning of her birthday I was doing a hair appointment.  My phone rang near the end of the woman's hair cut and my sister was calling to confirm that we would go to the 3-D showing of our movie at 11:50.  I hung up the phone and my client (she's probably a year or two younger than me) asked me about my plans.  I told her my sister and I would be seeing Step Up Revolution for her birthday.  My client then said, "Oh that's cute!  How old is your little sister turning?"  I busted out laughing and informed her that my "little sister" is actually my older sister and she's turning 39.

We did see the movie that day and it was so good.  The plot was sort of silly, but the dancing was so good.  Seeing it in 3-D was totally the way to go.  I'm not a movie snob at all, and I much prefer a short, feel good movie, to a long, serious, dark movie.  I can only justify paying for a movie ticket if I'm going to feel really good afterward.  If I want to feel like shit, I'll watch the news for free in the comfort of my own home.   Step Up Revolution totally a feel good flick.

 We both loved the movie, and as cheesy as this sounds,  I'll never forget seeing that show for my sister's 39th birthday.  It will be my second favorite memory of her birthday.  The best one being her 15th birthday that we spent at Lagoon.  I'll never forget riding the Magic Carpet while Erasure's "A Little Respect" was blasting through the ride speakers.  I recall thinking that I was the coolest and and luckiest kid on the planet.  My sister was the coolest 80's girl ever and I felt so lucky to have her.  Her bangs were phenomenal and her perm was off the chain.  I was so pleased just to float along in her wake.  I can only hope that my youngest daughter will get the chance to collect these sort of great memories with my oldest daughter.  Thanks for being a great older sister Stacie and happy birthday!


  1. I went from laughing to crying. . . probably a sign of things to come this month. I think you summed up my feelings for my older sister. That was darling.

    1. I will always adore my big sister. Whit, I'm glad you feel the same way about Krisha. Sorry about the tears.

  2. You will never be as AWESOME as me... but you can keep trying. Just kidding lil sis.... what a cool post. I heard about it while at the gym tonight. Everyone enjoys your sense of humor and wit as much as me. Love you Stef! (we need to see that movie again...too cool.)