Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back From Vacation, Not Ready For School

We just got back from a wonderful vacation to Coronado, California.  The trip was great, but the timing was awful.  The last 3 weeks of August are crazy busy for everyone with kids, but extremely busy for someone in the hair-do biz.  In addition to all the hair appointments, my husbands work had their Lagoon Day Scheduled (local amusement park) and hoped to do a family camp out the week we got home.  I HATE camping, but s'mores are nice, so I could be up for it, but again, the timing is awful.  I have so many non necessary activities I'd like to do with my kids, but there is just no time.  They both start school  next week and  changes are coming.  Sasha will be in school all day for the first time and Lyla will start pre-school.  The kids seem really excited and I know it will be a positive change for everyone, but the end of summer is a bit of a bummer.  Don't get me wrong, I am so happy that my girls won't have the opportunity to bicker over ridiculous topics all day, every day, but I'm going to miss them too.  They don't seem independent enough to be out in the world without mom there to wipe their butts, and I mean this very literally.

So right now, on top of being very busy, I'm starting to get that last minute panic.  The questions that pop into my head every ten minutes go like this:
  1. Do both my girls have pants that fit that don't have any holes in the knees?
  2. Do they even need pants yet?  If I buy them pants, they will both grow 2 inches in the next week, so I probably shouldn't even bother.
  3. Do my kids have school appropriate shoes that will fit? 
  4. Will the shoes that they have coordinate with the clothes that they have?
  5. Why did I buy Sasha shoes with laces?  Lace tying is not one of her strengths.   Her teacher will probably call the department of Child and Family Services  if my six year old hasn't mastered the art of tying her own shoes yet.  I hope I saved my receipt!
  6. Do I even know how to pack an appropriate school lunch?  If all the 'school lunch' pictures on Pinterest are any indicator of what's expected, then the answer is NO!
  7.  Will Sasha's first grade teacher expect her to read a novel every single night?  I can't stand those awful books that get sent home in their back packs.
  8. Does she NEED a new back pack?
  9. What if my kid ingests a peanut or an egg  (things she's allergic to) while she's at school and out of my sight?   I trust no one!
  10. What if my kids do a poop at school?  What then?
These kids aren't attached to my apron strings, it feels much more like apron chains and shackles.  I'm not ready for any of this.

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