Tuesday, August 28, 2012

True Stories About The People You Love To Hate On!

Gossip is fun, but true stories of crazy bitches are even better!  I think I love Facebook, and the Salon chair for this very reason.  I love hearing true tales of stupidity and shameless behavior.  This sort of stuff is the reason that reality T.V. is so successful, and I buy into it just as much as anyone, but honestly, the stories about characters from your own city are even better!   I love it and I also love to hate it.

If my phone rings and the person on the other end of the line starts a conversation with anything near, "Do you have a minute?  Cause I have a crazy story about so and so!", I will stop what I'm doing and hide in my closet to hear it.  I hide because my kids take the sound of a ringing phone as a clue that they must either need a snack or they need to turn up their squealing volume to 11. 

I do realize that gossip is supposed to be sort of tacky and we should all rise above it, but if the content is true and the star of the story is causing all their own drama, then I'll listen for sure.  The stupidity of others can be a great learning opportunity for the wise and also it's free entertainment.  Take that Comcast!  Your overpriced "XFINITY" can't even compare to the dumb shit people in Ogden are doing!

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