Saturday, July 14, 2012

What Job Would Be Your Worst Nightmare?

The list is endless for me on this subject.   I'm not cut out for most of the jobs that the world has to offer.  And I'm not just talking about the lower level jobs that people generally look down on, like working at a fast food place.  I would probably really like working some place like that, honestly.  Fast food joints are efficient and that's right up my ally.  Efficient is one of my most favorite words.  I love efficient people and things.  Have you ever been to the Wendy's drive-thru at lunch time?  I can't think of ANYTHING more efficient than that.   That right there is a well oiled machine if I've ever seen one.   It's almost TOO fast.

  I wouldn't want to do tons of the jobs that require advanced degrees either.  First of all, I couldn't handle going to college for 6 years (or trying to find a parking spot at a college for 6 years).  I thought one year was overkill!  This is one reason that I don't get these folks that choose to be students for eternity.  We all know at least one person who is going to school just for the sake of going to school.   Studying the fine art of avoiding a real job.

 I would hate to be a doctor (I'm thrilled that other people want to do this).  I'm to much of a germ-a-phobe for that and I don't exactly love blood......especially other peoples blood.  The cul-da-sac around the corner from me is full of gynecologists.  I call that street Vagina Dr.   I can see the appeal of bringing babies into the world.  That would be exciting and uplifting, but the rest of that job....barf.  Just walk into your neighborhood Walmart and look around.   There's all your patients!   I don't need a Porsche or a Range Rover that bad.  No thank you.

Really, I wouldn't want any sort of a life or death job.  The pressure would be too much to take.  Right before I started Beauty School, I recall a moment of clarity where I just knew I'd prefer a job that you didn't have to take home with you (ironic that I now work at home).  I feel so bad for the folks that lie awake at night stressing about what happened at work or what might happen tomorrow at work.  This is exactly why I enjoy doing hair.  It's stress free and fun.  It's a necessary art and it's all done in a light and fluffy atmosphere.  I love it.  I wish there were benefits like paid vacations and health insurance, but that's the price you pay for a pleasant job I guess.

So back to the job that I think I would hate most.  I've never tried it, but I suspect that being a corrections officer would be awful. It's like babysitting the naughtiest kids on the planet only they're adults so there is no excuse for their bad behaviour.  It just seems like a thankless job in a downer setting.   I can't imagine waking up each day and heading off to the prison.  That would be scary and depressing.   And as if babysitting criminals all day wouldn't be bad enough, someone has to do all those cavity checks and who would want to do that all day?   I'd like to publicly thank anyone who takes on this horrible job.  It's completely necessary, but just so awful.  Thanks for doing it, I hope you're able to find a bright side to it.

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  1. I came across your blog this morning and have been reading it off and all, and your post are so funny and easy to relate to!

    I've always wanted to work in a prison,I have several friends who do, I currently work as a dispatcher and my husband is a Police Officer and your right Corrections (dispatching, policing too) are very thankless and depressing jobs! But someone has to do 'em! Funny thing is, most of us strive to have one of those jobs knowing the nature of them. Maybe we are crazy? Lol.