Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Finale is on SUNDAY!

Saturday morning has just begun and it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day, but mentally, I just want it to hurry up and end, so that Sunday can begin!  I can't wait for the Bachelorette finale.  The previews give nothing away and I just can't wait to see how it all ends.

Usually the previews will show little hints or clues that the well trained eye can pick up on,  but not this time.  It doesn't even show a single clip of Emily waiting nervously for her final guy to show up and receive his final rose.  This in unheard of, so I am left to believe that this may very well be the "most dramatic ending in bachelorette history."  Host Chris Harrison is gonna love saying that phrase every ten minutes of the finale.  It's going to be great!

Will she choose Salt Lake City Jef with one "f"?  Or will it be the obvious choice for her, Arie the race car driver?  I like them both.  Jef is quirky and hilarious.  He is so different than the typical bachelor guy and he seems so sweet.  Arie has the whole "racing" thing going for him though.  I rarely ever watch racing, so I'm not sure why that's hot, but of course it is.   Dave thinks Emily only likes Arie because he's a race car driver.  I'm sure it adds to his appeal, but I thinks he's very likable even without it.  My husband wishes ALL the guys would have been race car drivers just to make it that much more difficult for her.

For the first time in a long time, I don't have a clear cut opinion on who she should choose.  Oh, I am just so excited to watch it and find out what happens!!!   The best part of this brand new Sunday night finale format is that I will only have to wait 24 hours for the premiere of Bachelor Pad!  There isn't going to be even one depressing, bachelor-less, Monday night.  This is a dream come true!

I love being so easily entertained.  I pay good money for that HD receiver and it pays me back every week.  It's like Christmas morning happens 25 times a year for me.  This is the benefit of not being above this sort of entertainment.  The Bachelor Franchise has my number for sure.   I hope they continue making these grand scale dating shows until the day I die.  I love all the drama and I appreciate every ones effort in bringing it to me!  Sunday night  can't get here fast enough!

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