Friday, July 27, 2012

Kid Entertainment Part 2

I think my kids are easily entertained because we don't do a lot.  I know tons of people don't like to talk about money with kids, but I do every single day.  They will leave this house as adults that understand the value of a dollar.  I always let them know what's a good deal and what's a crazy rip off.  I want them to know that there are tons of great activities and toys available, but they all come with a high price tag and we have to decide what's worth our money and what isn't.   My worst nightmare would be to raise these girls and have them turn into adults that are delusional about money.
I want them to know from a young age that they are not above the store brand of anything.  Movies at the discount theater are still new and exciting for us even though everyone else saw them a month ago.  If you get $100 for your birthday, $90 will be put in your savings account and you can decide what you'd like to do with $10.  They accept all this logic from me because they are young and have no other choice, but I really hope they are learning some valuable lessons here.  Their teenage years are going to be a huge disappointment if they aren't figuring any of this out now.

So what's worth a high price tag at this house?  A great example would be Justin Bieber concert tickets.  I got a ticket for myself and my six year old.  I bought the tickets on the pre-sale and I got them from the legitimate retailer, so I wasn't paying the sky high scalper price, but it was still expensive.  I justify the expense, because the it will be the perfect first concert memory for my daughter.  The price of the tickets not only includes the show, but all the fun and excitement that the anticipation brings.  Just the other day we drove past the arena where the concert will be held and Sasha started screaming in the back seat.  She is so excited, not only for the concert but for a night out on the town with the girls (my bestie and her six year old daughter are coming with us).  The pricey tickets are already worth it, because it's guaranteed to be a night she will always remember........and I love the Biebs too, so bonus points for me!

Normal entertainment at this house looks more like this;
1.  Empty toilet paper rolls, markers and tape.  Throw in stickers and scissors and this is a two hour activity.
2. 13x9 baking dish filled with baking soda.  Two, rinsed out, infant Tylenol dropper bottles filled with vinegar and food coloring.  My kids LOVE this one!
3. Play doh, a rolling pin and cookie cutters..........on the out door table (cause I hate play doh crumbs).
4. Scrub brush, Dawn, a step stool and the kitchen sink.  Kids LOVE scrubbing bubbles in a sink.
5. Sorting ANYTHING...playing cards, blocks by shape or color, clean laundry into family member piles, dirty laundry into colored piles.  My kids love sorting games.
6.  Wii bowling tournament with the disco light on and loud music.
7.  Pretend cooking with cheap or expired ingredients.  A bowl, a whisk, measuring spoons and sprinkles for flair.  Especially if both girls get to wear their aprons.  This activity is probably their favorite.

We do have a fun life.  Most of it is free and home based, but it's still a good time.  I think this is why they really get a kick out of eating food inside the Wendy's and  why checking out kid movies from the library is really exciting.  Their expectations are sort  of low (in a good way) and it makes our outings a bit more thrilling.  It won't always be this way, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

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  1. I completely agree with this, you don't need to spend lots of money to make memories and have a fun time with your kids. So many times each month my mom group goes out to breakfast and lunch with their kids not only is this unhealthy and making bad habits for my kids but it adds up quick! So on those days I plan to let Cody help make lunch and then we have a picnic in the family room or in a hut we built, it's not only easy on the wallet but I will cherish the laughs and cuddles we had while under an old sheet eating Mac 'n cheese!