Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Food Routine

I go totally Rain Man with my food and my grocery shopping. If my routine is in place, I go to "little Wallys" (Walmart neighborhood market), every Sunday afternoon. I try my best to get it all done in one trip a week. It took many years as a grown up to fine tune my grocery shopping skills. In my pre-kid days, I'd stop at the store 4 days a week and buy a box of cereal, a gossip magazine and something for dinner. I shudder to think of the money I must have wasted on impulse buys. Back then I had no idea what a reasonable price for orange juice would have been. I bet I had no problem spending $4.00 or more on a 12 pack of Diet Soda. Today, I would rather die of caffeine with drawl than spend more than $2.50 on a 12 pack of soda. Scanning the grocery store ads that arrive in the mailbox every week is not very hard to do. I don't even have to walk into the store that's having the Diet Pepsi sale, because Little Wally's will price match for me. It's almost too easy. When I get a good deal, it always tastes better. But back then I felt dirty and creeped out if I bought the "no-name brand" of anything. The words "Western Family" brought on nausea. Now that I have a family, I feel exactly the opposite. I would have long lasting buyers remorse if I walked into Fresh Market and bought everything brand name. I would probably lose sleep counting the wasted dollars in my mind. I would rather live in my fortune than eat my fortune. This is also the reason that we almost NEVER go out to dinner. You know you are a major tightwad when a dinner date with your spouse is almost is just too pricey to enjoy. The last time Dave and I went out on a dinner date, we shared a $5 foot long at Subway (we got it for free with my Subway points card) and for dessert we got two donuts at Fresh Market. The date was a night date, so the donuts were discounted as well. It was wonderful! My cheapskate husband and I are well suited for one another, so this was mutually accepted as a great date indeed. We followed it up with a trip to the Winco Grocery store where we loaded up on super cheap bags of Malt-o-Meal Mini Spooners (Frosted Mini Wheat's for those of you not in the know). Good times were had by all!
At any rate, I like to do my once weekly shopping at MY store (because I know where everything is), and usually at the same time of day. I am proud to say I have it down to a science. I know exactly what I need and I rarely stray from my mental list. This probably sucks for my family, because we rotate 7 different dinners and that's about it. I don't experiment much in the kitchen. Cooking brings me little joy. I bake pumpkin bran muffins like a pro, but that's only because I make them nearly every week. I recently started buying spaghetti squash because a good friend told me how easy they are to prepare. If she hadn't mentioned this to me, I would literally never have EVER tried it on my own.
My strict shopping works perfect for me because I need so few items for myself. I would, could and sometimes do eat the exact same menu every single day.
1. Breakfast must be Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, with Don Francisco Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee. I dread the mornings that Dave wants to make pancakes! I need my OATMEAL!
2. Dr. Praegers California Veggie patties (sold at that darn Costco). I am not even a vegetarian, but these are a major favorite of mine. These looked sort of gross at first, but they grew on me. I love these for lunch.
3. My T.V. time nightly snack is always Bran Flakes mixed with low-fat Walmart Blueberry yogurt. I feel not quite right if I go to bed without consuming this last meal of the day. Plus, it is crazy delicious!

I'm married to a man who wouldn't mind eating a new dinner every night, so I do try to mix it up with dinner. I think he'd get super bored if I made the exact same thing every night. He'd eat it, but I'm sure it would bother him eventually. Me on the other hand, I wouldn't mind eating oatmeal every night. I know this weird behavior is normal for a small child, I just hope I'm not totally alone in my food savant lifestyle. If you are wondering, I only eat like Rain Man. I don't have to buy my underwear at K-Mart or watch Judge Wapner at 3:00 (Underwear from Target, Bachelor whenever because it's on the DVR).

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  1. Ha Ha Stef! You crack me up but it is true. We become tightwad moms because we have to. I just wish Darin & I were both tightwads. We like to eat out a little too much and anything I don't have to cook I am all for it.
    That date pretty much sums it up. I get to mad at Darin when after a date he wants to go to the grocery store. Probably because we have no plan and end up compulsive shopping, and coming home with crap that is not good for our bodies or our budget!
    I am the one who doesn't like to eat the same thing all the time. I never make the same meal twice. Darin could eat chicken every night for 2 weeks or tacos for a month and be completely satisfied.
    I am going to try your late night snack. That sounds good.