Monday, January 23, 2012

I Wasn't Cut Out For College

I am in no way, shape or form against college. I will absolutely encourage my kids to go, if it fits with their plans for the future, but it's just not for me personally. I like to learn and I am capable of learning but I hate jumping through hoops. To me, college requires a lot of hoop jumping. I conformed to it just fine in high school. I did well in High School and I just assumed that I would go to college because that's what's expected after graduation. I guess I wasn't super pumped about the education portion of college, because I only applied to one school and it just happens to be the one that is closest to my mothers house (no moving necessary which also means no real commitment). I figured I would become a nurse because my sister did that and it seemed like a good choice. They make good money and seems like there is job security there. And wouldn't you know it, that particular college I chose had a really good nursing program. I did the prerequisites to apply for the program, but I never did turn in the application. I had to drop out of school suddenly, without much notice. I had reached my breaking point!
I couldn't deal with the parking situation any longer!
The school was a commuter school so parking was always an issue. It's cold as shit here in the winter and at age 19 I wore shoes that looked really good with my outfits, instead of going the "practical" route. Also, I hate getting my shoes wet. I have a major pet peeve about water being were it doesn't belong. This can be a real problem if it snows. If all this happend now, I would wear water proof snow boots and walk the distance. Now days I would consider it mandatory exercise that would be required everyday. Two birds one stone. But I wasn't interested in parking a few miles away and walking long distances in my sassy shoes, with my heavy backpack. So obviously I had one option and that was to just suck it up and buy an expensive parking pass. What I did not know at the time, was that the school would sell 1,000,000,000 parking passes (give or take), but there were only 100 (give or take) parking spots in the lot. You can imagine the swearing that this situation produced. I made a real effort to be patient and park legally for the first few weeks. I guess everyone started class by 9:00 so all the spots were long gone by 9:30. I don't like to be late, so anger and frustration took over. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! From that point on, I blurred the parking rules a bit. "Well there aren't any lines painted right here, but there is just enough room for my car, so I'll park here. No one will notice." They noticed, and I started getting tickets. I paid a few and then I was just too pissed to continue. It was mid-semester and I returned to my car to find yet another ticket. I drove down to the administration building, parked in a faculty spot, marched through the doors and withdrew from school. And that was that. First attempt at higher education done! Nailed it!

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