Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bachelor Goodness!!!

That's right, 3 EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

(Be warned, I have had almost twice my daily coffee allowance and I'm bouncing off the freaking walls right now.)
This week was a Bachelor fans dream come true. Not one, but TWO new episodes! It was big time drama and frankly overwhelmingly exciting. I almost went into convulsions when I heard the good news at the end of last weeks episode. Dave probably contemplated taking me to the emergency room. What can I say though? It was Christmas come way early and I was overjoyed. Next Tuesday night I'll feel the void, but I loved it last night!

Poor Sean has a great set of problems right now. Never in all my years as a Bachelor fan, have I seen a guy with so many amazing women to chose from. All the remaining women (except Tierra) are top notch girlfriend / wife material. This poor guy has to find some new criteria for whittling this group down. They are all gorgeous, most of them are funny and most of them love a good make-out session. I just can't imagine who he'll send home next week, besides cray-cray Tierra, but I bet he'll keep her because he has an odd infatuation with her. It's mind boggling. Doesn't he see the crazy plastered all over her?

Dave very much believes that Tierra was put there on purpose by the producers. He always claims that she was planted there to amp up the drama. I'm not blind, I see his point, but I don't think it's that tough to find a crazy drama queen in the real world. We've all seen them, we've all heard about them and some of us have, at times, been them. Myself included, when I was very young and even more immature than I am now. Sad but true. Dave's theory could be true, but I demanded that he stop saying it and just enjoy the drama she provides. I seriosly doubt she'll be in the top four.

Lindsey, Desiree, Ashlee and Catherine
I predict these will be the top four girls. I like Lesley too and I wonder if she'll replace Catherine, but so far I'm going with Catherine because she's adorable.
The Lake Louise scenery was gorgeous, but I don't know if Sean is the greatest date planner. Playing in the snow is fun (with kids and sleds), but what woman wants to play in the snow on a date, in a freezing blizzard? Not I.... but Catherine made the best of it. Her whole date just looked like it would have been freezing cold. It upset me, but maybe that's just because I was really cold when I watched it.
Then on the next group date he thought the women would like to take a freezing cold canoe ride and then finish it off with a "polar bear plunge" into the freezing cold lake. First off, canoes are sketchy and the women were all dolled up with their hair and make-up done and they all had on their cutest boots. These poor gals are in fancy date mode, not canoe and submerge your head in freezing water mode. I would be so pissed if that was my date. I hate getting my hair wet unless I have some advance warning. If I washed, dried and curled my hair, there is just no way in hell that I'm dunking myself in a lake, especially with mascara on. It's just a worse case scenario. I'd rather do anything else! I'd rather get some dental work done! Bad date Sean.
Next week they will be on the gorgeous beaches of St. Croix and I can't imagine Sean could find a way to ruin those dates, but that's all part of the fun. The great unknown! I can't wait to see what new drama unfolds for my viewing pleasure!

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