Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Magical Parenting Advice

This morning was a typical hectic, fast paced, weekday morning at my house. The only thing a little bit different was that Dave was here. He normally leaves for work before the kids eat. I made the coffee, got Lyla's hashbrowns going and I poured two cups of soy milk for the girls. Lyla is a big shot four year old now, so I gave her an open cup, a.k.a. a big girl cup, in place of cup that has a lid. She doesn't always drink her milk, but I like to think she enjoys being treated like a big kid anyway.

Lyla played with Legos at the table instead of drinking her milk. Typical really. She then knocked the cup over with her elbow and it spilled all over the table, onto her chair and onto the rug under the table. Dave looked over, grumbled a few expletives (we all do it) and wiped up part of it with a towel. He then gave me the blame look because I gave her the open cup, therefore inviting this mess. I shot back with my super irritated look, which I should get a patent on because it really is that good.  I got a wet wash cloth and tried to wipe up the rest. Spilled milk sucks, but seriously we have a spill of some sort everyday and I manage to clean it up and move on. Dave is not nearly as used to it as I am. He spends his days with adults who apparently don't play with toys at the table. Lucky him!

Dave then looks over at Lyla and spouts off some of the best parental guidance I've ever heard. It was truly amazing and I knew right away that it was my responsibility to share it with the world. Pay attention as I deliver this advice word for word. He said, "Lyla, don't spill your milk anymore. Okay?" She nodded her head in agreement, letting him know that she won't spill milk anymore.

Problem solved, just like that! It was so simple. I honestly wondered why I'd never thought to tell her that in the first place. Imagine the messes that could have been avoided! "Hey tiny baby, stop doing those explosive blow out poops in your diaper. You know, the ones that shoot yellow crap all the way up your back and stain your cutest clothes. Go ahead and stop doing those, okay?" or "Hey kid, don't touch anything at school that might be covered in germs and don't get sick anyomore. Okay?" I'm excited to think of other ways I could bend this advice to fit other situations. No need to thank me, you are already so welcome.


  1. Maybe you are just one of those hugely popular bloggers so probability is in your favor, but I have on two separate days clicked through links and ended up at your blog! You make me lol. Thanks.

    1. I am not at all hugely popular, but I love to write all the funny thoughts that buzz through my head. I'm happy that someone reads and appreciates them. Thank you!